Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Why I Partner With The Raziela Foundation

I honestly didn't plan to blog this. But last night I got a tap from above to do so.  And when my PapaGod taps, I have learned to jump. So I'm going to share with you why I partner with RF. I will not give details like I did at WCO *** but what I share will be enough. I pray. But first of all, for those who may not know, let me tell you  about Raziela Foundation. Who are they? What do they do? Simply put: 

Raziela Foundation is an independent non-governmental organization set up principally to provide meaningful educational opportunities for financially disadvantaged Nigerian children. For more information, please visit the RF website:

Now, why have I committed to always be a part of what RF is doing?

1. The main reason is because I know I serve a God that never forgets our labour of love towards His own especially His children. I knew that there was no way I would partner with RF and God would not rise up for my own children. Every time I sow a seed into RF I tie it to the spiritual, physical, and academic well-being of my children. I tell you, God has been awesome! He has done things in their lives that people still struggle to believe. Lol!  But that's how fertile the soil of RF is! 

2. Which brings me to my second reason. The RF soil is fertile because Pastor Bemigho Omayuku, the heart behind it is sincere. This is not a business. The funds are not misdirected. I know my hard earned money is doing good.  Lives are being transformed. Hope is being restored. God is pleased and those who are part of this will feel His pleasure. Like I have. Like I do. 

3. I partner with RF because it has given me an avenue to actively contribute to a child's life via what I call ' remote adoption'. This is when you decide to make your contributions to a particular child. My child is Shalom. I believe that because I am in this child's life, Peace is in mine. No matter the storms that have come my way, my PapaGod always stands with me. 

4. I just love being part of the RF story. It's great to feel you are a part of something bigger than you. Shalom is so smart. She came into my life when she was in primary school. Now she's in Secondary school getting As! But for God using RF, that intelligence and all that potential would be lost! I hope you visit the site and read up on all the lives being transformed. Yes, there is much wrong with the world but working with RF, I get to subtract some bad and add some good! Love it! 

5. Finally, I like that RF knows that your decision to partner with them has to be a God thing. Nobody will chase you. At least nobody chases me. Well maybe except my PapaGod. He reminds me and sometimes when it's tight and I don't have money, he'll coach me on what to do. I've been known to sell my books just to raise funds for Shalom. Yes, many times the best kind of giving is sacrificial. I had needs when I did that. My family had needs but Shalom trumped them all because for me, working with RF is a covenant sort of thing. 

There you have it. My reasons for partnering with The Raziela Foundation.  I pray they get you to consider doing same. Visit the site and if you have questions about the different ways you can work with RF, call 07042627367. There are many ways to work with God and while I have nothing against building projects and going to Jerusalem....for me, transforming lives like this trumps both! 

To God be the glory! 

*** This is why you should not miss WCO! Lol! 

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