Thursday, 8 October 2015

Why I Attend Woman Cry Out (And Why You Should Too)


There are a number of events organised for women I try not to miss and the Woman Cry Out (WCO) bi-annual Prayer conference is at the top of that list. I just want to share why. And hopefully when you are done, you would have made up your mind to attend the next one coming up tomorrow, 10th of October. 

WCO serves as a mini-Retreat for me. Me-time. But even better because it's me time in the presence of my King. I forget about everything and everyone on my mind and just focus on "be-ing" with God. It might be just five hours but I try to make it five hours during which I focus on soaking up as much time with God as I can. Through everything that happens, every bit of the programme, I  listen out for God. 

This is why those who know me would have noticed that I find a space far in the back to the corner somewhere. I am not anti-social. It is just that for me, WCO is not a social gathering. I do not go to network or chit-chat (all that can come after the event when we are eating. Yes! There is always great lunch at the end o! Lol!!). I attend WCO to get my "seasonal word" from my PapaGod. These past months have been really hard for me in someways and then really great in others but still I stand. Do you know how come? When I feel like quitting, I remember, amongst other things, my March WCO word from God. I'm looking forward to getting my October word on Saturday. Won't you come and get yours? 


Pastor B (Bemigho Omayuku, the heart behind the event) speaks straight. I like that. She has no time for nonsense. My spiritual state now and in the future are too important for her to waste my time dishing out watered down messages of prosperity or whatever. Financial prosperity is cool but Pastor B is more interested in my spiritual prosperity. She is all about our hearts and our walk with God. And I love that about her and I always look forward to her messages. God uses her to inspire me to be a better me. To the glory of my God.

I attend WCO for the praise and worship. Out. Of. This. World. Each one has been better than the last. You see women lose themselves in worship to God. I'm so looking forward to Saturday. I can't wait to bask in God's presence as He is brought down to meet his daughters by their praise and worship. 

Finally, WCO means a lot to me because it's a place to go cry out to God. And I know He hears us. I have prayer journals to support that statement. When we pray at WCO, Heaven zooms into action for our children, husbands, businesses, families, jobs, everything! Somebody asked me if I really believe that God works through WCO. I said 'No. I don't believe that. I know it.' When you know something believing is no longer relevant. I hope you come, let's credit our prayer account together. There have been times lately that I was too overwhelmed to pray. The heavens still moved for me because they could still make withdrawals from my prayer account. It had not gone into debit. God is just so merciful! 

So there you have it. The reasons why I attend WCO. I hope they inspire you to attend. If you read this and do come , do connect with me afterwards during lunch. I'd love to hug you and give you a copy of one of my books! All you have to say is " I was blessed today and I know God is especially fond of me". Yes! You need a password! Lol! 



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