Saturday, 31 October 2015

Houston, We Have A Problem.

What I really mean to cry out is "Lord! We have a problem". 

Mulling over what I'm about to share all of last night and waking up this morning with it heavy on my heart, I felt God was trying to let me see how come we are the way we are. How come we walk our walk the way we walk it.  I hate to generalize but I can't help it. When I say "we", I really do mean you and I. We, the Christians doing our best to live led by God's Spirit.

We don't get God. 

Please don't squirm uncomfortably. It's not an accusation nor am I trying to bring you down. I'm in this with you. We don't get God. I asked people yesterday on FB, Twitter, Instagram and via e-mail what the one word was that came to their heads when they thought about God. The one single world they associated with God. Didn't get many responses though. I suspect like my Only Princess people thought it was a trick question. Nope. It wasn't and there really is no wrong or right answer. It's just that our answers can be taken as an indication of the chief way in which we relate to and with God. The core, if you like, of our faith relationship. And now I understand more how that impacts the potency of our Faith.

I am sad. For you. For me. Cos judging from the responses I did get we are not enjoying the best of God. It's so obvious they way we are going through life, the way we treat ourselves and others. We are missing out and that's why our walks of faith are uninspiring. Ouch? Yes, very ouch. 

Below is what triggered my burden. It's a section from Shade Idowu's book, " Knowing God for Yourself".  Please ignore my underlining and read all of it with the eyes of your heart. Slowly. At least three times. Thank you.

Now, do you know how many people  said " Love" in response to my question? Fourteen. Fourteen! Out of over a 100 people. I got words like "Blue" (from my LBS " because it's the colour of all things good" he said. He so cute. Lol!  But you know I made a mental note to have a chat with him too. I got "Merciful" which is one of mine  too but not my first because it would suggest a forever consciousness of our wrongs and or "undeserving ness" which is not healthy.   I got "Help" which is brilliant and true but why does God help us? Because He loves us. I got Father and Holy and Faithful and Powerful. Mighty. Good. Greatest.  Church. Jesus. I got Protection, ineffable, invincible and Just. I got all these great words. 

But within me, I knew we had a problem. 

Is it any wonder we can't really walk in agape love when we ourselves are not fully and forever conscious of how much we are loved by a God whose core is Love? No wonder we walk around in fear of all sorts all the time. I'm not this. I can't do that. What lies ahead? Will God hear me? Does God hate me? Why won't He move for me now? If you truly knew God as Love and believed, these thoughts will not have power over you the way they do. 

Ehn? I'm sorry? What did you just think? You know you are loved? Really? You know this in your heart and not just your head? It's always on your mind, it's the song on your lips everyday? It's what governs your every word and deed?  Really? 

Then while all the answers I got are good, I just believe your first and only word should have been and should always be "LOVE". Come on my people! The whole point of John 3:16 is Love! How can we be missing this!!! 

*exhaling* Please pray with me.

Dear PapaGod, like I said, we have a problem. Please,  I ask in Jesus Christ name, that you cause your Holy Spirit to move over us all. Overshadow us with your Love. Let us truly get how much you love us. Let the depth and awesome wonder of your love touch our very core. For only then can we live the kind of life you have  called us to live. One of power, dominion and confident authority! Thank you so much.  I'm grateful. Love you but thank you for loving me first. And more. 


  1. worth meditating on.....

    1. You can say that again Aduratayo. I would like to give you a copy of Shade Idowu's book if you are in Lagos. It's a must read.

  2. Hmmm sis, powerful and worth reflecting on. God's love is everything we would ever need. It's more than enough and it's all the assurance we need. The problem arises when we use our own human standards of love/loving to assess or judge God's love for us, then we become shaky. He loved us enough to send His only son to die in our stead- what could be more than this? May the Lord help me, and help us all to comprehend the depths of His love towards us. Thanks for the twitter mention sis. Keep impacting.

    1. I just pray we stop using ourselves as the starting point for this. Nothing in us can love like God. We need to take of God's Love and then understanding what that means and how that makes us feel, try to touch they in turn reach out for God. Not us.

      I find we mostly love to be loved in return. We ought to love so God gets loved. Thank you my SisEyenekaAmb. You get a copy of Shade Idowu's book! I'll send to you next week!

  3. Yay!!!! Thank you sis. God bless you.

  4. Nice read...the one word I will associate with God is all encompassing.

  5. Nice read...the one word I'll associate God with is All Encompassing.

    1. He is truly that Ralee. All encompassing. His Love covers all. Thanks for coming by and sorry I'm just seeing/responding to your comment.

  6. I read this when you tagged me but couldn't comment..
    Came to look for this again because God's been teaching me on "love".
    Had a series of convos with friends that were just pointing out flaws and weakness in me..funny thing is the way they pointed out what they did didn't want to make me get better, but made me feel a bit worth less(separate words) than I am...and made me start doubting myself and who I am..
    As a result I started feeling like "maybe I just have a whole lot of issues after all)...
    But in the midst of all that, I could hear God saying "I love you wholly".

    This morning I went on a mini quest to ask Him what He meant by "I love you wholly".
    First I checked the meaning of wholly, it means completely, totally.
    And then He told me if I could love you and transform you from the girl who had abortions why not this little flaws...

    What He wanted me to see was that with or without the flaws, He loves me and His scars bear the proof of that fact.
    Also contrary to what my friends were making me feel, He is patient as He works on me... He doesn't throw the flaws on my face, He simply wants me to be willing to change and let Him work on me.
    Meaning I can stand tall even with the little things that aren't smoothed out now and go out in full confidence of who I am in Christ cuz still His love remains... so there's no need for me to feel "worth less" than who I know I am in Him..

    It's just made me contrast a lot with the difference btw Him and my earthly friends.
    They probably had no intention to make me feel the way I did but they did... always I'm just thankful that God knows the way we feel and how to address it...
    I'm working my way back to my place of full confidence in Him, based on a renewed sense of His love that I'm trying to fill myself up with and not with the thoughts of men (its a thin line between soaking up the words of men which may not be with wrong intentions but still I believe God's words in our hearts trumps the thoughts of men...)

    And i'd love to send you a copy of my book or an e-copy if I can't send the hard copy... name is "10 steps to walking in purpose". my own testimony of how God raised me to walk in His purpose for my life despite a shady past and a call to youths and everyone to find and walk in God's purposes for our lives which is the best thing we can ever do..
    My mail is and if I can have your mail ma, i'll send the e-copy to you...
    Thanks ma'am

    1. Isn't it wonderful to have such a connection with the God of tne whole earth. He speaks to us! Awesome. I'm so blessed by your comment because it just confirms a word I got this morning the moment I opened my eyes. I recorded it on my phone and will share it in a bit.

      You are totally on point. Only God's opinion of is really matters. People may love us and tell us stuff for our own good but no human can mean us more good than God. He should be our final say so to speak. Thank you so much for sharing. I'll send you a mail shortly.


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