Thursday, 24 September 2015

Top Five Reasons Why I Will Always Love You.

When God was forming you, fearfully and wonderfully, in our mom's womb, He also knit in me the love He knew I would need to have for you. You see, He knew what life had in store for us so He made sure my heart was big enough. Bottom line? I will always love you because it's in my DNA. I was twelve when you were born. I was twelve when I became a 'mom' for the first time. Your mom. Our Mom was our Mom. But I was your mom. Always was. Always will be.

Your trust and faith in me is unshakeable. All my life you have always rooted for me. Been in my corner. Cheered me on. You laughed at all my crazy, dry jokes when you were younger and you still do now. And I love the sound of you laughing. When I think of you I'm at peace. I know there is one sure banker person that has my back. Not because I'm married to them or physically carried them in my womb or because I've formed such bonds with them. No, I know you have my back just do. You are my AburoChild. My ShollyBaby! My Mrs. G─ůska.


You truly demand nothing of me because you know my love. You understand how I express it. You get me. Sometimes I wonder how come you get me so well. Then the penny drops. How could you not? You are mine. I brought you up. I am the cow you watched chew the curd. Even now, I hear you laughing at that last phrase as only you can because you get my meaning. You know I don't keep tabs. I don't do a zillion calls. I don't do expectations. There are no requirements between us. I just love you and you love me. That's all we ask of each other. What a powerful bond we have. What a Powerfully Loving God caused our stars to collide. 

Your individuality gives me butterflies in my tummy. In a good way. The Adef mould is a great odd mould but all due respect not my favourite when it comes to being expressive. I won't name names but I thank God some of us broke away from it. Lol! We took the best bits, the creativity, the ability/desire to speak up and out, the big, loud laughs, the twinkle in the eye...and yes, the sharp minds! Lol! And you my dear, I love you because you took all these things and just elevated them to a whole new level. The world will hear your name my AburoChild. Of this I'm sure.

I will always love you because you prepared me for motherhood. And you were just the best practice child ever! So easy to please and thrill. Burgers, Fries and good movies! Lol! And you loved my clothes! You never complained, you didn't throw too many tantrums and the only time you cried was when you had to leave me to go back home. And even then, you would try to hide your tears from me. I grew up with you always on my mind. Praying you were OK, trusting God to keep you safe in every way. Parenting you made me look forward to having more made it look easy. It's not but you made it seem so. Lol! 

Today, I see the gold threads woven in to seal the cracks of both of our lives and truth be told, we are more exquisite because of our not so perfect yet wonderful journey. Today, it's one day to the day you were born and I'm here thinking of you and I just couldn't figure out what to do for this birthday. So I figured I just tell you and anyone who'd care to know why I love you so. At least my top five reasons.

As only you would say, having you as my sister makes me jealous of myself! Lol! 

Happy Almost Birthday my AburoChild! Happy Birthday Sholly! 

I wo wa!



  1. Happy birthday in arrears to your sister ma'am..
    I and my younger sister are just a bit like this...sisters but actually mom and daughter lol

    1. One year late but still as thankful. Thank you Frances.


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