Sunday, 9 August 2015

What Is the state of your soul? THAT is the question.

John 1:2 
Beloved, I pray that in all things thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospers.

I doubt this scripture is new to you. We all know it.  The word 'soul' here is referring to that part of us that houses our emotions, wills, and intellects, in short our Minds. Just as God is Triune, He created us to have three indivisible parts: Man, the body, Man, the soul and Man, the spirit. Simply put, you and I are spirit beings who have souls and live in physical bodies. 

One thing becomes clearer to me every day. Our loving God is passionate about prospering us but the 'catch' of sorts is that He wants to be sure we can cope with the blessings He is set to bring our way. God loves you and I too much to bless us beyond what our minds can cope with. God has no plans of wasting blessings on a person who is still controlled by the flesh. Hence the above scripture. 

We shall be as prosperous and as whole as our minds are. 

So, again I ask? What is the state of your mind  today? How renewed is your mind? How aligned to God's way of thinking is your mind? In short, how spiritually prosperous is your mind? THAT's how prosperous your life shall be or indeed already is. Are you happy with your current situation? No? Then perhaps you need to  look at your state of mind. What do you think about? 

God has stated emphatically that what we THINK will have a direct effect on us! 'as a man thinks so is he' ; therefore it is vital that we RENEW what we think, and make sure what we think is in agreement with what God has said in His Word about the situation.

It is important to understand that what we THINK is based entirely upon what we BELIEVE. If our believing is WRONG, then our THINKING will be wrong. And, if our thinking is wrong, then instead of the BLESSINGS manifesting in our life we will have something other than the blessing that we desire.

Today, as Bishop Bamidele Sturdiyvant shared on the above, I was reminded how sometimes we are our own worst foes. God has done all in His Power to bless us with total health and wholeness in every area of our lives yet we 'rob' ourselves of it all! No more! Today, it must end.  

All that God has promised us in Exodus 15:26: prophesied over us in Isaiah 53:5 and confirmed via Calvary's Cross as stated 1 Peter 2:24 MUST be ours in Jesus name! Amen! As we renew our minds and become healthier spiritually, God will prove Himself mighty in our situations! In the life of a child of God, there is no situation that can intimidate our Heavenly Father! He created you to prosper just like your soul is prospering. 

But the big question is 'How well is your soul prospering?'

Think about it. 


  1. I'm pondering. ..what's on my mind? It's not a question for Facebook. It's a question I need to answer for my own sake. Thank you my Sista Divine

    1. Our God will help us all my Sisdivine. I know He will.

    2. Hummm. So many high points. My take away will be, "If our believing is WRONG, then our THINKING will be wrong." And I have to consciously commit to renewing my mind daily with God's Word. Thank you Salt, for this gentle reminder.

    3. Thank you my dear for taking the time to come by. It is a daily race.


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