Sunday, 2 August 2015

Girlfriend or Bride. Which Are You?

It sounded banal at first but as it sank in it became clearer to me how apt Pastor Iluyomade's statement was. He said : 

"Jesus is not looking for a girlfriend. He is seeking a Bride"

Think about it. Doesn't that give you a fresh perspective about our relationship with Christ and how it should be? So, which are you? But before you answer let me share my thoughts about these two kinds of people. Remember I don't know it all but I believe this will help us all clean up our Christ following acts. 

So what's the difference between a girlfriend and a bride? 

Girl or Boy Friend.
1. A friend that just happens to be a boy or girl. Nothing special.  Nothing concrete. One of many.
2. Generally seeking just what s/he can get out of the relationship I.e. The Perks. Effects. No depth. Me, Me, Me! 
3. Not ready to stick around if things get rough. Warts become visible. No committment. 
4. Only thinks of what can be enjoyed now. Not future orientated. Fair weather friend.
5. Concerned with looks, outward appearances. Effizy worship. Holier than thou attitude.
6.  Puts career, hobbies, church activities before the relationship. Self centred and Selfish.
7. Not interested in meeting your family. Not family oriented. 

Bride or Spouse material
1. A person with whom one has a concrete bond and a mutually exclusive relationship.
2. Not in it just for the perks. Rather seeks ways to love you unconditionally and sacrificially. You,Us! 
3. Understands that true love endures all things.  Believes relationship is "till death" does us part.
4.  Thinks beyond 'now', always hopeful, always trusting God for the future. Through Thick and Thin
5. Concerned with character, inward character. True worshipper in spirit and in truth.
6.  Makes God the centre of your relationship. God centred and Selfless. 
7.  Loves you and wants to know all about you including your family. God, Son and Holy Spirit.

Going by the above, how are you treating Christ in your relationship? Like a boyfriend? Or like a husband? You do know that individually and collectively, we are "His Bride" spiritually speaking? 

Those of us who are married, we know how we would love to be treated.
Is that how we are treating Jesus Christ now?

Those of us seeking to be married, we know how we would love to be treated by our future spouse.
Is that how we are treating Jesus Christ right now? 

I'm just asking.

Because, this August, month of new beginnings? It's all about the 'spiritual Brides' who are ready to be sacrificially loving to God. 

"Spiritual side chicks"  Male and Female? Please step aside.

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  1. Wow, this is super provoking. I am definitely no spiritual side chick, but a bride who is committed to growing in her bridal duties. Such a great post sis- this is divinely inspiring.


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