Saturday, 4 July 2015

Do We Really Value Jesus Christ?

I've been asking myself this question since June gave way to July. Do I really value Jesus Christ? Do I really understand what being His and Him being mine really means? Do I even have a true clue how rich having Christ in my life makes me. 
How powerful. 
How relevant. 
How fruitful
How suitable
How esteemed
How all together lovely
How whole and complete. 

Do I really get it? Do you?

I dare say we think we do but we don't. At least I know there have been days when I thought, spoke and behaved like someone who did not really understand the  value of This God I carry inside me. Shame. Shame. I mean, how can a true re-born child of the Most High God allow negative thoughts linger way too long . I get it. They come but they must not linger. We must take them captive  and make them bow to the truth of who we are because we got Jesus Christ! 

That is Jesus Christ, The Lord and Saviour of the world.  The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! The Miracle Worker! The One who commands the seas! The Alpha and Omega is your Father and Besto!  This is The relationship of all relationships. Knowing God loves us ought to warm our hearts enough to keep us from pining over lost or future human love. Our status as God's progeny is better than any title or visa or certificate. Our eternal inheritance places us ahead of Bill Gates in terms of true enduring wealth. 

There is nothing wrong in having stuff and money. I like stuff and I really like money. Because I've got Jesus Christ, I usually have the stuff and money I need. Maybe not for my 'greeds' but my God ensures my family need not beg for bread. But you know what? Every time, I catch myself longing for a mint new house, I thank God the kitchen sink in my house is driving me up the wall but hey! I gat Jesus! 

Maybe I would love to support my Aunty and grandma more. It does make me sad but hey! I gat Jesus Christ! He sees my heart. He will fix it. 

I really would love our mortgage loan to disappear. It's such a burden sometimes but hey I gat Jesus Christ! 

I wish I had started saving 2% of my pay from way back then. My son does that. Why wasn't I that smart? But hey! I'm still alive and whenever you wake up is your morning. I woke up 2 years ago and better still, hey I gat Christ in my life! 

You see where I'm going with this? We are all looking for something. But please let's never lose sight of the fact that we already have the most important and valuable thing we need. We gat Jesus Christ and...

In Him, we are totally on fleek.*

* I  had to confirm that my use of this urban English word was in order from my two older kids. Yes, as you can imagine, they laughed at me. Lol! 

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