Sunday, 7 June 2015

Message From A Fun Day

I went with my son to his school's Fun-day today. This is my first ever. Yes, I'm one of those moms who don't do fun days. I just find them rather tedious. True, the kids have fun but I'm not a kid. Say what you wish, I never said I was a perfect 'soccer/fun day mom'. Anyway, I went to this one for a number of reasons. 

One, my LBS really wanted me to. I listened to him as he made his case and I realized that going with my him would make him so happy. He was happy for our dear Ms. Blessing to go with him. He was happy for his Papa to go with him. But he 'really' wanted me. Especially because it was his last 'Primary school fun-day.' I caved. Suddenly, my distaste for the heat and aimless sitting around under hot canopies took the back seat and I was thrilled at the prospect of roasting in the Fun day sun. 

Such is the power of Love.

When you love someone and you see and hear 'want' in the voice of said someone. You put yourself on the back seat and you let your love drive. My LBS had a great day. I people-watched till I could people-watch no more. I bought food and drink. I made him check in with me every 30 minutes. I worried when he did not come as agreed. I held myself back from becoming anxious. Surely, he could not be kidnapped right there in school!? Lol! Yet in his words ' Mommy didn't do anything. She just sat there. ' Na so. We mommies. We do nothing. We are, as he once said to me 'just Mommy'. Lol! 

Anyway, my LBS just had a shower to wash all the sweat and grass and gunk off him. I pray his memories of today, me being with him; me wiping the sweat off his face; me checking to make sure his sun screen was doing its short I pray his memories of our 'mommy and son time' are water and soap proof. I'm about to go have a shower too. I pray this blog delivers my message. What message?

True love sometimes listens and responds to the 'wants' of the object of its love. Even to its own discomfort. 

I love my LBS. For him I sweat in unprintable places and enjoyed it. Today, I had to renege on two prior commitments to be with him and it was worth it.  I figured both events would have many other son only has one mom. And you know something? Every time my LBS came up to me, hugged me, all wet and sweaty and grassy....and said I was the best mom ever? Right that moment...

I knew I was living....not just existing. 

I pray you make choices that will give you the same assurance. 

                                      My LBS and moi all set for our Fun Day...

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  1. Awwwwww...when you love someone you see and hear want in their voice. Often times we are blind and deaf. Blinded and feafened by our own wants. May we not miss such moments. Love to LBS


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