Saturday, 20 June 2015

I Was Just Looking For 'Forgotten' Money.

You know, I just love God.  Never doubt it. God is truly the silent Listener to every conversation. Let me explain. And I pray this touches just one single person. I had a bit of drama on my Facebook today. Some person threw shade at me for sharing like I do. According to her 'celebrating as if you are the only one God is blessing'. I will not lie, I was mad as hell. I'm over it now especially after listening to what people who I believe see my heart had to say. Thank you all so much. I could name names but the list will be so long and I would hate to miss out anyone. 

Anyway, here I was looking for forgotten money. You know like when you are 'very rich' and you begin to check your bags and books hoping to find money you left there. So I pick out a book from my bookshelf. By this time I was pretty desperate not finding any in books close by in my work and computer bags.  Lol! Then I pick the book below.

As you can see, I bought this book in 2009. That's six years ago. I didn't find any money it it. I found something way better. I found a hug from God. I found  the perfect response to my 'friend' and in the event that I had any doubt about my mission here, I found a GodReminder. See what I mean below.

I hope you could read my words. Now, tell me. Why today of all days would God lead me to this book? 
At that time of my life I knew I had the gift of 'encourager' or 'helper' but just didn't know for sure how I could use it to impact my world better. I was asking God to show me how. And He did. If you know my story, you will know that I started blogging on January 14, 2009. I didn't know at the time but God used Funmi Akinnosi to set me on my path towards my 'how'.  She, it was, that sent me the link to Blogger after sharing my love for writing with her. Somewhere along the line I realized that I had found out what kind of 'encourager' I was created to be: One that would write stuff to lift people; inspire them to reach for God. I was to help people by sharing my life with them. 

And that is what I have been doing. That is what I pray I am doing well. Unto my PapaGod.  You know I just sat there stunned as I read pages and pages of this old journal. I couldn't even remember writing this stuff. But there it was in black and white. My own handwriting. What a caring, attentive God we serve. What manner of love! For some reason I thought to check out what the entry for today was. And guess what I saw when I turned to June 20?

How about that for a GodAssurance! 

To my 'friend' and anyone else who believes me doing what I do opens me up to trouble, hope you see now that my PapaGod who sent me has got my back. See how He has found a way to assure me. I was just looking for forgotten money but look at what I found in a book I've not touched in years!

My raison d'être and my GodInsurance.


P.S. Are you seeking your why? As in why are you here? Just ask God. He will lead you to it. 


  1. Hello. You really do inspire and encourage by sharing, am happy you'll continue.

    1. Thank you Rali. I am happy you stopped by. God bless you!


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