Friday, 12 June 2015

How Not To Die While You Are Still Alive.

Maybe it’s my age. I am just so much more aware of my time. Or maybe it’s because, all around, people are dying. Young people. Vibrant people. And each time I hear that someone died I am more aware that I am still alive and that I better be sure I not wasting my precious God-given time and life. For how am I any better than the young woman my Sisterfriend, Funmi shared about the other day? That post moved me to tears.  It sort of inspired this blog. I read Funmi's words and knew that I was not being overly dramatic with this my ‘Live and don’t just exist campaign’. 

Dear PapaGod, please don't let me die while I am yet alive.

I wondered if that dear woman had enough memories of her dear departed husband to last her the rest of her life. I was certain their young children did not. They had not had enough time to do so. It breaks my heart and I just entrust them, that dear lady and her children to God. He alone can soothe them. He is her husband and their daddy now.


Anyway, here are my thoughts on how not to die while we are still alive. None of this stuff is new to most of us but we need to move it from theory to practicals. Today. And if you have some thoughts on how we can live more, please do share. 

Live. Don’t just exist. Live every day as if it were your last for it just might be. Live out loud in appreciation of God. Don’t you see how loudly the rose proclaims its beauty? You were uniquely created to do something no one else on the face of this earth can do. God did not give you his special gift of life just so you can be part of the flotsam and jetsam of society. Kai! No!

Forgive quickly. Nobody, no wrong is worth your visa to heaven being revoked. Plus, who needs cancer. You do know that bitterness and un-forgiveness breed rebellious cells in our bodies, right? So, why are you still vexing with that person? Look! See, s/he is over there going about her/his merry life. Meanwhile, you are here wasting this very second of yours.  Drop the pain and anger and vex at the feet of Christ now and move on with your life. I take my PapaGod beg you. Biko.

Laugh out loud as many times as you find something that funny. And do it in spite of your many burdens. In fact, the best time to laugh is when you feel like crying. Trust me; been there-done-that-bought-the tee-shirt. It works. True, you might start carrying half way through your belly laugh, but awon enemies will not know that. It will look like you are laughing so hard, tears are coursing down your face. And the devil will be duly frustrated just like we want. Ewu verandah pole!

Dance until your bones ache. Oh and you must dance in the rain at least once in your grown up life. Come on, when last did you do this? Give it a try. The other night, when it was raining so hard, I thought about it but the fear of thunder and lightning was the beginning of my wisdom *smiling*. But I am going to do this soon. As God would have it, the rainy season is upon us. Jesu seun!

Finally, love hard. Love deep. Love in tangible ways. Start with your spouse and kids if you have them. Commit every day to doing something to prove your love. Then move to the outer circle and not just the knowns, love the unknowns too.  The ones you walk by in your office, neighbourhood or even in church.  Smile with all your teeth at that cleaner. Yes, the one you have seen every evening for the last 2 years but don’t even know his name. Chei!

I feel like I am repeating myself over and over but I don’t care. I think you and I are worth it.

See, as long as you and I are still breathing, we still have time to do all I have shared above and more.

Do me a favour. Blink now. Yes, blink your eyes.

In the time it took you to do that, your time could be up. No, it's not a curse. It is a fact. Each extra day we get is just by the grace of God.

For everyone one we know who we think has died prematurely,  before their prime; let's just...

Live. NOW. Simply existing is a waste of life they don't have anymore. And if you think about it, it is taking God's grace for granted. 

Why on earth would you want to do that?



  1. Awwwwwww. Hmmmmmm. Many exclamations. Thank you Sis. God bless you. May I not just exist. May you not just exist. May we live and live well too

    1. Amen! Every day we should go to bed feeling alive! For during that day we had touched someone, fulfilled purpose in so way and walked pleasing to God.

  2. Thanks for this reminder to appreciate every moment and to be thankful to God always

    1. I thank God for we all need reminder....


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