Friday, 1 May 2015

Celebrating The Bhenz 1993.

I don't have lots of money but I count myself extremely rich. I want you to see beyond my smiles, happy posts,blogs, laughing emoticons and pictures for just one moment. I have seen 'nwin' in this Life of mine. Perhaps just like you. Or Maybe less. Or Maybe more. 

But you know something? I wouldn't change one jot of my life (OK, maybe I'd change two jots) but all in all, I admit, hand over heart, I like me. I love my life.  All of it. As I strive to be better, I accept me now. Cos I'm a GodProduct. A vessel continuously being improved by the Master Potter. 

But you see, the me I am today would not be without the me I was or the past I've had. If you take a moment, you will see same goes for you. So join me. Bless God and celebrate the You you are right now. You are enough. Today. 

Everything good will come.


But today? Now!? Celebrate with me! Celebrate my PapaGod!  For today, the Bhenz** brand is 23 years old! 

This day, twenty-three years ago, we stood together facing the Ministering Pastor in a church in Yaba and both said 'I do' to each other before God. And since then, we have been facing each other , loving each other, fighting each other, holding each other, breaking each other, putting each other back together, encouraging each other, 'swearing' for each other, ( lol!), helping each other,  cheering each other on, praying for each other, etcetera etcetera. And we will, by God's Super Special Grace, continue to do so for another 23 years and more in Jesus name.  Amen!  (Err......apart from the 'swearing ' bit me hopes.  Lol! ) 

I'm so grateful to God. 

Salt to MGM: Oko mi owon, my MGM, me and you for life! We are a God brand. Built on His kind of love. It can only get better. Take my hand. Let's go there! 

**Bhenz (a noun)
Definition: a brand born circa1985 in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom state, Nigeria. It was eventually approved, trademarked and sealed by the Almighty God on May 1 1993 in Lagos, Nigeria. Today, 23 years having stood the test of time has become a reliable brand. A Classic. One kept and being continuously fine-tuned by God Alone. 


                               The Bhenz. 
                 One of my all time favourite selfies


  1. To God alone, be the glory. AMEN!

  2. Congratulations and happy anniversary...May God keep you both for each other.

  3. Happy anniversary aunty Bola


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