Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Why We Cannot Afford 'Katakata' by Ask Sista Bola

Two Facebook posts spoke my heart so deeply today. I am sharing them on my blog because they are THAT profound. Classics. Below is the first one. Every Nigerian should read them and then find a way to get it to the Political Bigwigs out there! Hopefully more of them will listen than will not. And hopefully, they will read and they will call their followers and caution them. Sternly. For if they don't, I know that the FULL judgement of God will come down on them and their generations if they throw Nigeria into turmoil.

Why We Cannot Afford 'Katakata' by Ask Sista Bola


I come to you today, in the name of Jesus Christ asking you to please talk to your brothers, uncles, cousins, Daddies and friends (Women don't want war)that regardless of who wins the Presidential election that Nigeria must move on in peace!
Anybody related to Nigeria either by birth, marriage, business or even by music loves Nigeria. I can't always wait to get back there. Listen Amala and ewedu only taste delicious when I eat it in a Buka. Where else in the world can I get Boli (roasted plantain) and groundnut by the side of the road? How can I ever forget how many times gala and lacasera how saved me from not losing my "poshness" at a 5 star dinner.

Nigerians do you really know what war is? No you don't! I lost relatives in the Liberian war, one day they were dining with the President, the next trekking to Freetown. Before you join in causing trouble, isn't Aminu your brother? Didn't you just buy Suya from him? Emeka cant be "yaminrin" now hasn't he run the only chemist in your village for years?Remember that Emeka gladly accepted cows as payment. What greater love?

Just consider this before you start any problems, Yoruba loves their parties and how do you expect the jollof rice to be cooked if tatase(paprika) onions doesn't come in from the North? All nice things like potatoes, yoghurt and even Zobo. No!no!no! We cant afford to hate each other,We are family o! Or else there goes our "Aso-Ebi(goggle it!)

You can't afford to hate and start a war o, how many Sade(s), Kemi(s) and Bola(s) are married to "a won omo Ibo",including yours truly? We are tired of queueing up for Visa abroad,don't add Onistha to our border post. Please we all love Afang and Edikaikong ,where else in Africa can you find indigenous Chinese people?(LoL just listen to the Efik language,doesn't edikaikong end with "Kong" check Hong Kong) and we can't afford to loose anymore people to another country as Nigeria did in 1954/55.

Where else can you find people so well travelled? Beautiful and brilliant people?A country that controls the sales of Luxury items all over the world. On behalf of all the designers from France to Italy,from Spain to USA I implore you,don't throw the world into commercial mourning by starting a war.

Finally Nigeria has always conquered through prayers, so let's go on our knees and ask God for mercy that as the final results will be announced this morning,that by 7pm ,Chukwuma ,Boye and Salisu will be sitting together in a club in Shitta(Surulere Lagos) discussing the latest Chelsea and Man U scores after they have finished plates of isi-ewu, yet keenly waiting for Ahmed to finish their Suya. God bless Nigeria! I'm Sista Bola. Shalom! 

Ask Sista Bola is the Facebook page of my SIstaFriend and Nammie. She has said it all and then some. I pray you read it all. Slowly. Don't you find the rain soothing? Maybe it's just me but I find it so re-assuring somehow. I personally believe that apart from cleansing our land of any evil 'libations'  they might be pouring on our land under the cover of night as the results are being collated, even the Heavens are saying to us all:  Coolu Tempa.  Please, let all Nigerians stand up for Peace! This is not about APC or PDP. It's about you, me, our families and the ordinary Nigerian that will be the real victims. There is no country that can harbor refugees from Nigeria o! We are a mighty nation! Eh-hen!

Salt to Nigeria: Peace be still! I command it to be so in Jesus Name. Amen!

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