Saturday, 21 March 2015

Woman Cry Out X ~ My Best One Yet!

I have been to at least five Woman Cry Out prayer conferences. Hand over heart, this was my best. And that is saying a lot because just like my SistaMII*, Lanre Kosoko said during her welcome, each one I have attended has had a huge huge impact on my life and my Christian walk. I believe it was my best because it was the perfect meeting to go to after the early morning prayers that we held in my home this morning. 

I am still amazed at how God went out of His way to confirm all that I had heard at home through the two WCO speakers (Pastors Bemigho Omayuku and Bidemi Mark-Mordi) and even the prayers. My word! The lady who led that part of the programme was on fire! I'm proud to be her Nammie.  The praise and worship was not just 'good music'. It moved your spirit. Did I mention that Preye Omayuku, the voice behind my current praise anthem, Bow Down,  was in the house? That all by itself was a special blessing for me. Praise God!

I usually go trusting God for a 'word' for my current season. I got four from the two speakers! Not just that, see what else I got! 

I got confirmation of my family and Nigeria's victory! Linked to the Jewish calendar! 
I got re-confirmation of my 2015 mandate! 
I got direction on how to seal what God has done in my life. Service to God!
I got direction on how to move forward in this season and not be disgraced. Alignment with God!
I got clarity on what needs to fall away. The little foxes!
I got clarity on what needs to go from warm to sizzling hot. Time with God!
I got to share my heart in obedience to God. Being Salt rocks!

Glory be to my Most High PapaGod! 

Nothing I can say here can do justice to the lesrnings and atmosphere in the hall today (which by the way is my favourite venue to date). I mean how do you describe what happens when Nathaniel Bassey worships? How do you put into words how you feel under the anointing? For surely, dear reader, God was in that place and I felt him powerfully. All I could do was go flat before His Presence. When God comes calling, you forget cuteness! When I was done dwelling in His Presence, pouring out my heart to the Lover of my soul, listening to Him as He poured out His love on me,  I got up, wiped my wet face and went looking for my stilettos! What an experience! No, there is no way for me to capture it all here. I'm sorry. No way.

The CDs are your best bet. Half a loaf is better abi? Lol!  Yes, get the CD and then plan to attend the October WCO...Be like my Sistas Uche Onyia, Chichi Ohaeri, Mercy Elegbe, Bunmi Omeke and Tricia Taylor who  dropped all they could have been doing today to come meet with God. Each one testified that it was time well spent. Praise God! I was so happy to see them especially Trish who had been terribly sick all week...

Am here waiting to go home. The venue is emptying of people. The chairs and tables are being packed up. My chest hurts. My head hurts. I don't care because my heart is rejoicing and my spirit is singing.   I'm not going to let anything or anyone steal my peace.  I'm committed to being aligned with my God. And that's why I know I shall not be disgraced. How about you? Do you know for sure?

Are you living a life aligned with God? 

P.S. It's interesting how last night some strange malaria symptoms raged in my body. I don't get Malaria. Plus, I'd been OK all week till Friday 4.30pm. The moment I began feeling odd at work I knew what was up. Once again, the enemy was raging to prevent me from running my PapaGod's errand. Well, the devil failed. Again. Glory to God.  

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  1. I fell ill on friday and couldn't make it :( October by God's grace... Ah! Nothing will come in the way!!! Ameen!


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