Friday, 27 March 2015

This Is No Ordinary God

No, my God is no ordinary God.

As a matter of fact, my God is not 'an' awesome God. He is 'the' only awesome God. To say he is 'an' awesome God would suggest there is or there are others some where. Not the case. He is incomparable. There is none like Him.

Today is no ordinary day. It is the day when I can look you in the face and tell you that if you are looking to anyone, anything but the God I call Papa, you look amiss! Notin for you o! And I mean it. This God, this ONLY awesome God has shown Himself mighty for me again. Yes, again! Want to hear my testimony then attend the next Woman Cry Out in October. If you cannot wait that long, then attend the next SistaPower Gathering coming up next Saturday. I pray to be given the chance to share it there. To share with you the tale of Salt and her Extra-Ordinary God. I  stand amazed.

For now, all I can tell you is this: God is Real. He hears. He sees. He knows and He moves. Talk to Him. Obey Him, Serve Him and then just Wait for Him. If you are doing all this and nothing is happening then trust that it is because He knows that THAT thing is better coming LATER. Not NOW. Please believe me. I know. God's Timing is on point. I wept and wept and prayed and prayed for something. It did not come then. It just came now and the timing of it is perfect! That is my God. My Extra-Ordinary.

See, I have many things I am still holding on to God for. Serious things. Most not even for me personally. But in this first quarter of 2015, if  I truly understand all my data. I fully comprehend ALL the information of my life and all I can say is that my bowing down to God in worship and adoration can never be enough. Even when I die I pray that when ever anyone thinks of me, all s/he would do will be to break forth into praise and worship to the Extra-Ordinary God I serve. And I know, without a shadow of a doubt that all these my outstanding requests shall be met by my Extra-Ordinary PapaGod.

The One who says a thing and does it.
The One who is the Unchanging Changer.
The One who can replace, renew, reverse, re-create ANY thing, ANY part of your body!
The One who is God ALL by Himself! Who needs no permission to do or undo!
Ah! People of God, I am happy you and I know this God!
If you do not know Him yet as I do, fear not. He is waiting for you. Go, run to Him now.
Throw yourself on to Him. He will catch you.
His arms are strong enough. His love is big enough.
He is my God, my Extraordinary PapaGod.

And I thank you Lord. I really do. I lift your name on high for honouring me this way. For giving me so many reasons to thank you even as the 'heathen continued to imagine a vain thing' in their hearts. I am grateful PapaGod. So very grateful.

P. S. The hostess of Sistapower came to me at the last WCO after I had shared my 10 minute message on not falling for the devil's lie - a true story. I think God told her I had made up my mind not to seek audience again. I had said to God, ''this is hard. So unless you create avenues for me, I shall not seek to do it myself.'' Boom! God no gree.  Bidemi comes to me and says, for as long as there are Sistapower gatherings, I have a platform! I covered my shame, recovered and said ''thank you.'' So, do attend this one or the next or the next. Because, by the grace of God, I will be there and I will share. So that you can learn from my own foolishness and/or be encouraged by my testimonies.


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  1. I love how you praise our Daddy and I love the aim even when we die..that men will think of us and praise God!

    Wish I was there for the conference...


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