Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Salt to Nigerian Leaders In The Words of Yinka Enahoro

As I read Yinka Enahoro's post this morning on  Facebook, I could almost hear her heart bleeding. She really did sound heartbroken over the affairs of our country, Nigeria and who could blame her. But like I told her, I am confident. Nigeria will rise again! And it really is not about APC or PDP anymore. It is about God who is showing us mercy as a Nation. For no doubt, the enemy continues to rage but God will always win. 

Anyway, I knew I wanted to keep Yinka's post close by so I am bringing it here to my blog.  I love it when people write from their hearts and oh my! She did just that. I believe it is a classic. More than that it is a message to our leaders especially the incoming ones. We lived in a different kind of Nigeria. THIS is not it and we want THAT Nigeria back!!!! Yes, I want it back for my kids. A Nigeria where I, too, born to a Moslem-Christian parent combo did not know the difference! We celebrated BOTH Christmas and Ileya in my house back then and it was no big deal! These days I shake my head when I see campaign posters; how come all of a sudden, a Moslem name is a must? It does not matter your faith when you are in Government. All that matters is you come and do right by the people who vote you in. Whoever wins MUST bear this in mind. The Nigerian populace is growing up finally and it is about time!

"I pledge to Nigeria my COUNTRY,
To serve Nigeria with ALL my strength.
To defend Her UNITY and uphold Her HONOUR and GLORY
.... So help me God"

From the dirty election campaigns to the abusive language of our citizens on social media and now to the accusations and counter accusations about the results, I wonder when we will really be UNITED as a people. The great divide of tribe, religion and now parties has never been greater and more apparent than now.

It is disheartening to see how things unfold and even more upsetting to see how FAR we have wandered from our National Anthem and Pledge.

I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS! Perhaps it's because I'm half Nigerian and half German. Perhaps it's because I'm a Christian as is my mother and 1 sibling but my father and the other sibling are Muslim. Perhaps it's because as a child of a military man I've been privileged to live all over this BEAUTIFUL country... From Kano to Markurdi to Port Harcourt and Benin and now Lagos.

So I implore you all... Please let us stop and think for once... Not about ourselves and what divides us, but our beloved Nation and what joins us.

Yinka Enahoro - March 2015

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