Thursday, 12 March 2015

God's Love Is Just Relentless.

I must thank Tunbo Akaji and Eketi Aime Etete for being instruments in the hands of my PapaGod. He used them to help me finally see and hear things I knew but did not fully grasp. Am I making sense? You see, it's possible to have data but until you grasp the meaning of the data; until you understand what the data is, it will just be a bunch of numbers. For data to be truly useful it needs to be converted to information. Read on with me and you will understand what I mean.

I know my MGM just turned 50. Data. I know my First Born Son and Only Princess just turned 21 and 18 respectively. Data. I know that I myself am 46 soon to be 47. Data. I promise you. I have been in full thanksgiving mode over all these bits of data. In fact, two weeks ago or so, all my family and I did for a week was thank God. Fast and thank God. No requests. Just gratitude. Because God has been so merciful. So faithful.

Still, it was all just for the 'data'. Till yesterday. Let me explain.

My mother died at the age of 39. Unlike me, she didn't get to be 40 talk less of 46. And unlike me she didn't get to see her husband turn 50. My Papa, my Prof was 43 when she went home to be with Jesus. Unlike me, mom didn't even get to see her first child become a Universal Adult. I turned eighteen 15 days after she died. My brother was just 15. Are you seeing how the data is becoming information now? Information that just births a whole new level of understanding in me? Here I am, my Last Born Son is 11 making him seven years older than my baby sister, Mrs G─ůska was back then when mom died. I am, in one quarter, celebrating milestones mom never had a chance to experience. I know there is only one reason, or maybe two for the difference in our testimonies, my mom and I: God's Mercy and God's Grace aka His Unmerited Favour. 

This understanding has catapulted me to a whole new level of grateful worship to my PapaKing! Who am I? How am I deserving of such blessings? How am I better than mom or any of the other young widows out there? I'm not! Not one bit. Oh Lord! It's all You! Only You! Thank You so much! Today, with all of my being, with all that You have put in me, I worship You! Not just for all you have done for me. But more for who you are to me! Wonderful, Merciful, Gracious, Relentless Lover of my soul!

Now more than ever I'm determined to refuse to buy any of the lies the devil peddles around to move me to a place of murmuring, complaining, fearful doubting and ingratitude. No matter what, in the words of Eketi, I shall be 'showing my 32' in relentless gratitude to a God whose love for me is incomprehensible! Yes, as I wait I shall smile! Can the God who has been so wonderfully generous to me hold any good thing back from me? 

Lailai. He cannot.

I am confident that the same relentless love that has brought me to ABC is taking me and mine to XYZ in Jesus name! Amen! 

If you believe like me, that the same goes for you and your family, then say a louder 'Amen!'

To God alone be all the glory!!

Evidence of God's Relentless Love to Me.

Thank you to every single person that sent in well wishes and prayers to and for my two adults - Universal and Almost Universal *smiling*. I really cannot thank you enough. All I can do is ask God to reward you for every single good word you said over their lives. And I have. And I trust Him. He has heard me. 


  1. Amen o!! Amen! Thank you for coming by Anonymous!

    God bless you Sis Modupe!

  2. Ope ni fun Baba olore. Oa Apanilerin ayo.

  3. Ope ni fun Baba Olore. Oba Apanilerin ayo.

  4. Awesome God! Amen!

  5. Hallelujah!
    God's grace is so amazing. So, so amazing!


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