Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A Letter From My MGM to My FBS on His 21st Birthday!

You know, I had my own birthday blog all set to go today but how can I top this lovely letter my MGM wrote to my son? How? It is just not possible. I shall not even try! So today, on this very special day, I share this very special message to our son from his father, his daddy, my husband and my mighty good man. It just melted my heart because I know my MGM, this is so heartfelt and I just brag on God for blessing me this way! I'm married to one good man and mother to another! 

Happy! Happy Birthday Akaniyene! We love you but God loves you more! Read this letter slowly. Many times. And not just today.

As you turn 21 today, I want the world to know how proud we are of you. Your birth was a blessing to us, and so we named you ‘Akaniyene’- The one that is greater than wealth! Your name is not just an expression of how much we value you; it is also a prophecy of what your life will be. From a suckling bundle of joy, you have metamorphosed into a magnificent expression of God’s creation. Academically you have excelled – straight A* (best result in High School). You moved so fast that we had to slow- you- down with two years of A levels. Again you distinguished yourself and got admission into a top university from where you will be graduating this year – to the glory of God. 

In all the years, we have never had a day of worry concerning your conduct. You have been exemplary in all you do, never forgetting whose son you are and never deviating from our family values of integrity, honest labour, excellence, leadership, fair play and service to humanity. I am also impressed by your dedication to clean living, going to the gym (that physique), the fact that you neither drink nor smoke and that have you stayed close to God even though you are so far from home and in a society where ‘anything’ goes. You have blossomed into an achiever, a role model and a leader- We are so proud of you and so humbled to be privileged to have a son like you. I thank you for making it so easy to be your father!


At 21, YOU ARE NOW AN ADULT! Every decision you take from now one will be yours and I am confident that all the virtues that saw you through your formative years, will see you through the rest of your life. Remember that God is always with you and that we will always be there for you (for as long as God gives life), so never be afraid of anything or anyone. Be wise, bold and strong always – that is what makes the Lion King. Be fair to all men and women, let honesty and integrity, kindness, excellence and service to humanity be the compasses that guide your every action. Never do or say anything what would make you ashamed if printed on the front page of the newspapers. Learn from the mistakes of others, so that yours will not be costly. Always remember that Failure is a stepping stone to success, an opportunity to try again and get it right. Never give up. Above all NEVER depart from God. 

I prophesy into your life Akaniyene Essien Nelson. You will always be the head and never the tail. You will lend to nations and not borrow. Whatever you set your hands upon will prosper. The Lord will provide you with a good wife and even better children than you have been. The Lord will give you wealth – unspeakable and you will lend to nations. The Lord will honor you with a long, happy and fulfilled life. When your enemies come one way, they will flee seven ways. No weapon fashioned against you shall ever prosper. In the end, when the Lord calls you, you will make heaven. 


Akan Akpan Ibuot ufok mi, yak edidem Obong Abasi odu ye afo, ke Nsi Nsi- Amen.

Akan, listen carefully. That is the sound of your mommy saying the loudest AMEN ever!!!!!!!! Your Papa has totally totally taken over from me on this one! Lol! To God alone be all the glory!


  1. I share and feel your excitement as a mummy :)..may the Great Lord keep him and continually make him a vessel of honour to his glory- btw...the background kind of eat some of the beautiful words here-they were almost blending into each other :)

    1. Thank you Boomie. Amen!!!!
      And thanks for the feedback. Funny, cos my view on my Ipad does not show that at all.
      What are you using to view so I can ask someone else using the same device....
      God bless!

  2. Aawwww. Amen! I always say that there's the blessing of godly children that only God gives. This blessing brings a special kind of peace and warmth.


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