Wednesday, 4 February 2015

We Are In The Huffington Post!


Yes, my MGM and I have been featured in a special 'Then and Now' article in The Huffington Post and please I have to make a big deal out of it o! Do you know where this could lead to? Perhaps tomorrow, you might just read a post of mine in the much loved paper. Lol! No, but seriously I'm quite chuffed about this for a number of reasons and yes, you know me well, I'm about to share the reasons with you. Lol! But I shall do so very KISS style. Because believe it or not, I'm sick. I'm dealing with the most horrific flu ever. Coughing my lungs out, sneezing my nose off, shivering my bones away and burning holes in my duvet with my fever but you know what? I'm feeling mighty good because did I mention that...

1. The Huffington Post chose to feature my MGM and I? Yippee!  There must have been many entries (to make me happier let's imagine there were at least a million. Lol!) of older marriages but they chose us. When I got the email and link, you would have thought I just won a Pullitzer Prize for my book 'True Confessions'. My first thought was 'No way!' and my second was 'Kai! Should have sent a better 'Now' photo. Lol! I honestly did not think we'd be selected. 

2. Still, on The Huff. Yes, being featured does entitle me to be on first name basis, non? It's more than just a feature to me. Like I said to Isioma, I see it as a GodNudge to keep loving and fighting to keep my marriage. I tell you just yesterday I was quite keen on murdering my MGM who was trying to bully me into self-medicating myself. lol! Yes, it's been nearly 22 years but it's hardwork my people. Thou shall not get it twisted! But I have smiled and laughed more than I have wept and least Ithink  so.....Lovl! 

3. The news of this feature has come on the back of even better news. News of how God's Promises to us can never fall to the ground no matter how much noise man makes. I shall stop here for now because a wise man once said one should never give a premmie testimony. We should always let the testimony reach the full nine months. So I shall be wise. But I'm confident enough to ask you to do this : Let Somebody shout Hallelujah!!! 

4. Finally, I'm happy because, for the first time ever, my MGM and my FBS shared posts from my a Facebook page all by themselves!!! Which post? You guessed it. The power of The Huff.  

Long Live Godly Marriages and Relationships!
Long Live True Love and Committment!
Long Live Huffington Post! 

P. S. The long text of the short text under our photo is this: 
What kept us these 21+ years? Honestly? The God honest truth? 
God. He ordained 'Us'. I know this because our marriage has been through stuff that would have snuffed the life out us otherwise. I love my husband and I know he loves me but there have been times we didn't 'feel' so loving towards each other. In those times, one of us had to make the choice to let God have the final say. As my MGM ( mighty good man) always says: We can't both be crazy at the same time. I guess you could say taking turns being 'crazy' is what has kept our marriage alive and sane. *smiling*

( I sent this later so guess too late to feature but still hoping it will be updated at some point)

P. S 2: To those who believe that 'showing off' your marriage or children or whatever opens you up to risk of attacks by 'them'.  First of all, I'm not showing off ((Ok, maybe a little but mostly just to highlight God's goodness). Secondly, you and I must not be serving the same God. Thirdly, I have five words for you: The Blood of Jesus Christ. 

Kachifo *reaching for my Strepsils with a huge grin on my face*. I'm in The Huff! Lol! 


  1. Replies
    1. I know! But you know what Toinlicious? Just as I was about to reply you guess what dropped in my heart? The Huff is great. The Lamb's Book of Life is even more so. Selah.

  2. Thank you for being soooooo real!
    I love the tell it all, struggles and God's grace inclusive.
    And I soooo smiled through this.hehehehhe.
    You are both covered with the blood of Jesus!
    Do get well soon ma'am :-)

    1. Amen!!! Thank you Frances aka Smiley! You are always smiling. Lol! And it's great.
      Yes, I'm about Authentic Christianity. It's not always a pretty, perfect walk for me but I'm never given it up and heaven is for sure my final destination!

  3. That's wonderful! Congratulations! Many more huffs to come in Jesus name!
    Get well soon... The blood of Jesus! :-)

    1. It's Power avails for me. Thanks dear. So proud of you!

  4. Wow this is wonderful. Cheers! And congratulations.


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