Saturday, 14 February 2015

The Perfect Book For Valentine's Day

I wasn't going to do this till I was done reading the book but as I read 'Broken, Barren and Beautiful' this morning I knew I couldn't wait!  I had to share today, today! 


Because I believe Joy Inyamu Akut has written the perfect collection of 'Love Letters from God'. I say this because each time I pick up her book, Kiss and Tell, to read some more, I just feel so cherished by God. I felt that way to the power of infinity this morning as I read the letter above. That's when it hit me! This is the perfect book to get for anyone you care about today. I mean, isn't a book that gushes over with God's Love the most perfect Valentine's Day present ever? I think so.

I have so many favorites already. Every time I read one 'letter' I'm sure it's my favourite until I read the next one! Lol! I've sent Joy a number of texts and I'm sure she just shakes her head and laughs! Up until this morning, my current favourite was 'Louis Vutton'.  You have got to read this one! The way Joy spins this letter is breath-taking and the message, stunning! And I don't use these adjectives often! Lol! 

Today, I have a new favourite and I'm pretty sure before I get to the end, I'll have a few more. Lol! I strongly encourage you to get your copy and let God 'kiss' you all over with His love as expressed through the words of Joy Inyamu Akut. 

P.S. How about you be different and show some love to someone who you know is not expecting anything from anyone.  Show some random love. Just because. 

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