Sunday, 22 February 2015

I Dare You To Read This Book And Not Feel Like I Felt.

I really do. In fact, I double, triple dare you. 

How did I feel? I was not even done reading the book; I think I was just at the point where she spoke about being in a friend's house on 'that' day. The day she got 'that' phone all. It was then I would have given the world to meet this woman. She calls herself Gozie Udemezue. I call her 'Inspiration'.

I finished reading 'Miracle on the Hudson' last week and I have carried this woman in my heart ever since. I can't help thinking about her. At least twice a day, I see her sitting beside Daniella watching over her, crying over her, praying over her. I walk through the shops with her as she tries to take her mind off all the medical jargon. I see her missing her kids back home. I recall all the drama she went through as the strife of tongues raged! Kai! Gozie! I would so love to meet you! Your story is beyond inspirational! Not only do I brag on God for seeing you through. I give Him the highest praise for moving you to share your story! Do you know why?

Because many women, mothers, fathers, parents don't fully understand the blessing of health! We don't appreciate what it means to have children and not have to deal with medical issues. We winged and moan about stuff we don't have forgetting this priceless gift! Such ingratitude! Your story will, should set us straight! It set me straight that's for sure. With each word you shared in this book, my admiration for you grew! And so did my gratitude to God! And you know what else? I thoroughly enjoyed how you told your story. I felt like you were gisting with just me. Perhaps that's why, without meeting you I feel like your friend already. *smiling*. Still I hope to meet you some day in living colour. 

People, read this book. You will really be blessed. The sheer guts of Gozie 'Inspiration' Udemezue will inspire you to look the devil in the eye and say:  

Take a hike punk! 
God has got this and there is nothing you can do to get me down!
He did it for Gozie and her family I know He will do it for me! 


  1. Salt, you will meet Gozie soon. We'll arrange something for one of her Lagos trips...

  2. Ok! I was plotting my own story about Gozie, who I got to know via Sis Modupe on FACEBOOK. Following her posts got me fired up. What gives people the temerity to question how she walks in shoes they pray never to walk in? I seriously got to read this book before I write my take on her story. Give her a bear hug from me when you get to meet her.


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