Saturday, 21 February 2015

Celebrating My Neneh.

2015 has been one scary-exhilarating roller-coaster ride. Considering that it's just the 21st of February that's saying a whole lot. I have been up, down, happy, sad, angry, mad,  turned upside down and inside out but I think one of the lowest moments was when I realized I had missed my Neneh's birthday! Her 45th for that matter! I missed it because I didn't know it by heart and had not been logging on to FB a whole lot in the past two weeks. Kai! It pained me o! So this blog is my attempt to soothe my own pain somewhat but mostly to 'beg' my one of a kind friend. 

My Neneh! First of all, Happy! Happy Birthday! It's still your birthday weekend so I'm not 'too' late! I cannot tell you how blessed I feel everytime  I think of our connection. You know when I think of my earliest memories of you, two things come to mind: The song 'Frankie' and my mom. How come? Remember the time your Unical group/band came to perform at Uniuyo? Perry, Oye and Nnena were members too and I think that was the first time I met you. Anyway,  that was the song you guys performed your choreographed dance routine too! Lol! I think you were wearing a crisp white shirt with a black tie a la Duran Duran style and you had an Alice band in your hair. (Now considering this is a close to 30 year old memory I might have gotten this all wrong! Lol!). But one thing I remember clearly is how cool I thought you (and Sharon?) were.  Confident and outspoken. I was not those things at all but easily recognized them in you and was thrilled to befriend you. Later, we found out our parents also knew each other and that just cemented things. 

My mom comes to mind too because while I don't remember a whole lot that happened around me from the day I learned of her death till the day we travelled home to bury her, one image is clear: The one of you standing beside me at the wake-keeping looking as sad as I was. I think Oye was standing beside you. I am confident there is a photo somewhere that supports this memory. You were right there with me joining forces with my MGM to support this 17 year old who had just lost her mother. Truly commendable considering you were just as young. Actually younger *smiling*. Now I know! I would have sworn you were as old or older than me! Lol! Today, as I celebrate you, I thank you for this memory in particular. Our friendship today is built on the solid foundation of that bond we formed that day as you held my hand as I stared at my mom's coffin trying to understand what was really going!

But hey! Today is no day for sad sob stories! Today, I brag on God for your life! 45 years! Come on! Look at us my Neneh! We are all grown up! Women of God! Praying Women! Wives! Mothers! Bloggers! Using our Voices! God is just God-So-Amazing! I'm so grateful to Him for gifting us the kind of sista friendship that transcends kilometers and constant phone calls. We just 'get' each other! Our journeys are so eerily similar that one wonders.... But I get it. God has fixed it  that way to make us SistaPillars indeed and not just 'by mouth'. You know that 'Trust Game' you play when you fall backwards into someone's arms trusting s/he will catch you? There are few people I would trust enough to fall freely with no worries. You are one of them. Thank you for that.

But my Neneh, do you know the greatest gift you have given me to date! The one over and above your loyalty, committment, consistent support and cheerleading? Your prayers! How can I ever forget that eternal gift you purchased for me at that special place? Remember? You travelled all the way on that special pilgrimage and when many would be focused on their own stuff, you had time for me and mine. Till this day, I see the fruit of your prayers in FBS's life and each time God moves in other areas of my my life in jaw-dropping ways, I remember you and thank God for that singular act of sisterly love. I will never, ever forget.

So my Neneh, I hope with this my so long a Birthday blogpost I have been able to convince and not confuse you *smiling* that you are a Sistafriend after my own heart. I also hope I have managed to make up a little for being 'absent' on the D-Day gangan. Lesson learned: I must save all key birthdays on my phone so don't have to rely on FB!  My love, as your days are so shall your strength be. You will run your race well. You will not fall. You will not fail. You will finish strong. Each time God comes to visit you, He will find glory to take away. Your children will ever bless you and your husband will ever praise you! Your gift, oh this your gift will continue to make room for you! You will stand before more kings and queens! In Jesus Christ's name I decree and declare! Amen! 


*Happy Birthday My Neneh! I am saying I love you!
God be with you till the end of time!
And may he say 'Well done!'
Happy Birthday!!!



  1. Awwwwwwwww , everyone should have a Neneh in their lives. happy birthday Salt's Neneh. God bless you

    1. Everyone should! Thank you Arese! God bless you too!

  2. Replies
    1. dear. Say nothing. Lol!

  3. Thank You Arese. EveryOne should have a Salt in theirs that seasons life's Journey

  4. Thank You Arese. EveryOne should have a Salt in theirs that seasons life's Journey


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