Monday, 9 February 2015

According To His Likeness..

All throughout Sunday and most of today, I have been rolling these words around and around in my head and heart:

26 Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion...”

Do you see what I see? Maybe it is just me but do you realise that there are two parts to God's creation process?  In the first part, God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit create man ‘in their own image’.  And in the second part, the Divine Three-in-One creates man ‘according to their likeness’.   Prior to the SistaPower Gathering that took place this past Saturday, I thought the ‘in our own image’ and  ‘according to our own likeness’ were more or less the same thing and God was just saying the same thing in two different ways for emphasis.

But Alas, now methinks not.  I believe now that there is more to the ‘according to our likeness’ part of that sentence. Much more. I asked God to show me. Over and over, I asked him to make it plain to me. Do you know how he did it? So simply. Even a two year old would grab it. Here is what God said to me and I have to paraphrase now cos not sure I can get it word for word: 

See my dear Salt, I created you in my image so that means you look like me. When I look in the mirror. I see you. But just  looking like me does not give you any power. For you to rule your world the way I planned it, you have to live according to my likeness. You have to think, talk and act like me. Reflect my nature always. THEN you will HAVE dominion over your world. 

As Bidemi Mark-Mordi would ask, 'You gerrit?

God created all human beings according to his image but only those of us who choose  via the help of the Holy Spirit to live according to his likeness shall rule this world. Yes, my dear people, the power is not in being made in God's image. The power is in 'being like God'.  God never wastes words. He made this second point for a reason. Every Bible translation I looked up made this clear. Go check it out yourself and get yourself a copy of Bidemi's book, ' Destiny Navigational Application' while you are at it. I promise you will thank me later. 

PapaGod, thank you so much. I gerrit now. *smiling* 

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