Friday, 9 January 2015

You Don't Need To Know God's Will.

(the 'aha' moment that inspired the thinking that inspired this blog was inspired by a chat with Omokejiola Olafimihan *smiling*. Thank you Keji! Don't sue me for using your fine face without your permission o!)

'I am praying on it and waiting to know God's will'
'I just want to know God's will about this my trip to the village'. 'I just want to know if this business deal is God's Will'. 

In one way or another, you and I have said the above words before. The emphasis is always on us knowing' . It is like we want to wake up one day and suddenly just 'know' God's mind on everything. You know what? I say ''don't stress it''.  Instead of waiting to 'know', how about you just ask God to 'teach' you His will? Day by day. Issue by issue. Matter by matter. Case by case?

See, it's like wanting to know about India for instance and saying, 'I really want to know about the country, India, I really want to know about India'. You are so keen to know that you go to a 'Guru' and say to him. 'Sir, I want to know about India'. He looks at you calmly. You are looking at him wondering why he is not doing or saying anything to you. Did he not hear you? Will he not answer? He has all the information so why won't he share it with you. True, the Guru does have all the knowledge you seek. But just saying you want to know about India is not going to do you any good!

You have got to ask to be taught! 

Yes! The Guru is waiting for you to ask him to teach you about India. When he starts 'teaching' you about India, you will begin to 'know ' about India. Abi?

Same thing, I believe with God. While I am not saying hearing an audible 'yes' or no' from God is not for us in this dispensation, I just think that like David, we need to ask God to teach us His will; His way of doing things. The more we make ourselves available for God to teach us His Will (out of His Word and by investing time in our secret lives with Him), the more of His Will we will KNOW.

Do you see now why I say you don't need to know God's will?

Our God, our Loving, Caring God is eagerly waiting and oh-so willing to teach it to us. We just need to ask.  The way I see it, our 'asking' pleases God because it solidifies the Parent-Child relationship we have with Him. God likes us asking Him for stuff just like we love it when our kids ask us for stuff. Because it signifies their trust in our ability to give it to them. 

Psalm 86:11 Teach me Your way, O Lord; I will walk in Your truth....
Psalm 143:10 Teach me to do Your will, For You are my God....

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