Friday, 23 January 2015

You Are Not A Turkey!

I want to share a story with you today. My prayer is that you will read it and it will be a good kick in the derrière for you if, like me, you sometimes struggle to understand the 'greatness' God has deposited in you. Not because you don't believe Him. It's just that current reality is sort of at variance with this vision  God has given. You know why we suffer like this? We think we are turkeys. 

Once upon a time. Time. Time. 
A baby Eagle somehow found itself adopted by a Mommy Turkey. Mommy Turkey took baby eagle as her own, loving and caring for it along with her own baby turkeys. Time went by and Baby eagle learned the ways of its new family. It scratched the ground for food and gobbled loudly and happily. Ignorant of its heritage.  Never learning to fly. Years went by and eagle grew old. One day, sitting beside one of his turkey brothers, it saw a magnificent eagle soaring majestically in the skies. "What a wonderful, powerful looking creature that is! What is it?" It asked. "Oh" replied the turkey brother "that's an eagle, the King of the birds. Don't worry, that could never be you". Sighing sadly, eagle went back to scratching the ground and gobbling like a turkey and this it did till the day it died! 

How horribly sad? I agree. But what's sadder is that many of us are living just like this turkey-minded eagle! We  who have been re-born in Christ have been gifted so many spiritual blessings that should empower us to soar like eagles. But no, we'd rather scratch the ground and gobble noisily around like all the un-regenerated turkeys of the world around us. Imagine! We allow our circumstances or people tell us who we are.  Imagine what would have happened if that eagle up there had just tried to fly once! If it had just flapped its wings once! Nature would have taken its course! It's DNA would have kicked in! It would have entered ( or shall I say, it would have flown) into its God-given Purpose. 

Same goes for you and I. We are Eagles! If it appears, we are still down here pecking at the ground with the turkeys, it's OUR fault. Science has a name for what happened to the poor eagle. Imprinting. The turkey mindset was imprinted on it. Now, glory to God! He has chosen us, adopted us and imprinted his DNA on to us through Jesus Christ but if we refuse to flap our eagle wings and soar, if we insist on being imprinted by the DNA of the 'turkey' world,  it's not his fault!

 It's mine. And yours. 

The Bible says God has given us all we need to live a godly, fruitful life. In 2015, we must live this truth out to the fullest. Take another look at all you have purposed to achieve in 2015. Which ones are you already wavering on? See, the enemy has no other job. It will always come to steal, kill and destroy your dreams with deadlines aka goals. It's up to you to tell it to go take a hike! Yes, you must look that devil in the face and say:

Get thee behind me satan! I am not a turkey, you hear me! I'm an eagle and I know my God and it is written 'they who know their God shall be strong and do great exploits!'

Then just fly away leaving the goat sputtering in the dust raised by the flapping of your magnificent wings. 

Here's to our 2015 o jare! It's going to be spectacular to the glory of God!


  1. Many thanks for this beautiful piece at this most auspicious time of the year. An authoritative reminder of who we are by being Christ's. Now we're gonna go all out and soar, God being our helper. More ink to your pen, and more inspiration. Soar!!!

  2. Soar we shall to the glory of God! Thank you my dear cousin for coming by!


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