Sunday, 25 January 2015

Please Read Me. Today. Tomorrow Might Be Late.

Dear Friend

In the midst of all the issues of life chasing us and the ones we are chasing it's my sincere prayer that we never forget that, at the end of the day, the ONLY thing that really matters is the final, ETERNAL destination of our souls.

Many of us know this but continue to live like we will get an alert on our phones a day before we die so we can get our acts together. Not so. This post is to implore us to examine ourselves TODAY. Now. Do you truthfully believe your name is in the Lamb's Book Of Life? Really?

If tomorrow does not come for you, where will you spend eternity? Please think about this well and where needed accept/re-accept Christ into your hearts and lives today as your Lord and Saviour and ask God to teach you how to live a life that demonstrates your decision. Every moment of every day. 

See, even if you get all you are chasing, the only thing you are taking with you when you die is your soul. Where do you want to take it? Heaven or Hell? Whether you believe it or not, both places are real and you will end up in one. Please think about it. 

I can't shout. 


P.S. Do forgive my melodrama but this is serious to me. I have watched a number of evangelical movies in my time but the movie I watched today in church did something deeper to me. It's called 'Escape From Hell'. I wasn't scared but as the movie ended I was just shouting within me: I must make Heaven! I must make Heaven! My loved ones must make Heaven! By the special grace of God, I will and so will you. God knows what eternal torment awaits the devil and his cohorts and He has put all in place to ensure you and I don't partake of it. Let's accept His offer today. Such love should not be rebuffed! 

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