Saturday, 17 January 2015

My Mighty Good Man Is Now Golden!

My Mighty Good Man!!! Happy Birthday!

How do I put down what is in my heart on this sheet of paper? For the first time in a long time, I really don’t know what I want to say to you on this special day of yours. Not because I don’t have anything to say. It’s because I have too much to say and don’t know where to start. So, while I leave it to come to me naturally as I type, I will say this: Happy Birthday my love. Happy 50th Birthday! I am so happy for you and so grateful to God for keeping you alive all these years to reach this special milestone. You and I know people, friends, colleagues, same age as us, who are not here, not alive today.  Who are we to deserve different? It is just God’s grace and mercy we continue to enjoy and I thank Him for it!

More than ever before in my life, I know that our relationship and marriage was ordained by God. We have been through so much together that would have wiped us out otherwise. Yes, my love, we are a ‘God Thing’, you and I and ‘Us’ is one of my most prized possessions.  We may not have loads of money in the bank but what we have, what we have fought to keep, what we have grown into, what we are still growing into makes us very wealthy. I don’t have shiny treasures tucked away in a safe somewhere but I have you and our three kids and my, oh my, you mean the world to me! Fort Knox would not be safe enough for you, ‘my four reasons’. That is why daily I keep you in the ‘secret place of the Most High’. Yes, that is the safest place in the world for the most important treasures of my life.

I wish you could see into my heart and see how proud I am of you. I really wish you could, then hopefully it would ease some of the weight off your shoulders. I wish you knew how often I cry out to God for you and how often He encourages me not to worry that ALL is well already with us all. Then maybe it will ease some of the stress you face every day as you toil to be a good husband and father.  But even if I told you, you would not fully understand how much you mean to me and how I see you as the wind beneath my wings. I feel blessed to have been a part of your life all these years and look forward to the adventure of the years to come and we enter into a new season of our lives. Yes, I am confident that exciting times lie ahead of us and I cannot wait!

My Mighty Good Man! Wow! You are 50 years old! Were we not two 20-something year olds just yesterday? I am so thankful for all the years we have spent together. True, it’s not all been ice-cream and lollipops. We have had our own fair share of trying times but which marriage hasn’t? Now, I don’t call them bad experiences, I call them learning experiences. Through them all, I have learned about you, about me, about people, about good and about bad. In short, I have learned about LIFE! So it’s all good! What important is that through it all, we have continued to grow stronger and our bond, to me is tighter. Thank you for being so hard working. Thank you for being so protective of us all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for standing by me, fighting for me and with me. Thank you for being by my side, through thick and thin.

I treasure what we have and as you celebrate today my heartfelt prayer is that God fill your heart with joy and peace  as you look back over your years and see how blessed you have been. Remember, the best part of your life is NOW. Happy Birthday my Mgm. I love you so much. You cannot understand. I will, by the grace of God, try to explain it better over the next 50 years *smiling*

Iyomi, Your Iyawo for life.
                                                      United in Love since 1985.

God Alone Be All the Glory.


  1. Tonia Alasa Ojenagbon18 January 2015 at 04:11

    Beautiful and inspiring . God's blessings continuously on your home.

    1. Amen!!! Thank you Tonia! I pray same for you and your home.

    2. Happy Birthday, sir. With long life, God will continue to satisfy you, in Jesus' name!

  2. Happy birthday sir, God bless you more and more


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