Thursday, 29 January 2015

Like A Nuzzling Baby.

nuz•zle (ˈnʌz əl) 
1. to lie very close; cuddle or snuggle up.

Good morning Papa

Thank you for visiting me today. Please teach me how to nuzzle trustingly into the crevice of your neck and be rest assured in your Love, Protection and Provision. Please Papa, teach me to know that you will always be there to meet my needs and that you will never leave me nor forsake me. Teach me to remember that as a baby never stops to wonder if milk will flow; never hesitates; never doubts but just latches on and suckles completely trusting to be nourished so should I be. Like a nuzzling baby. So secure. So peaceful.  Not a care in the world, babies. Not one. 

Yes. Today, Papa, I will be like a nuzzling baby. I will not fix my eyes on any of the needs I have been raising to you for my family. No, like a baby, I will just nuzzle into your neck and rest in the assurance your familiar 'smell' gives me. Thank you Lord. Not even sure if I am praying or writing. I guess I am doing both and I am confident you are listening and reading and I am grateful for my confidence that you have heard me. Because like a mommy always recognises the voice of her baby, you know my voice too. And your ears are always tuned to my cries. Such a comforting thought you have given me today. I bless your Loving Name. Amen!

I wrote/said this on the morning of the 26th of January 2015. The one year anniversary of my Papa's passing and so much was going on in my head. When the words 'like a nuzzling baby' dropped into my heart I cannot tell you how blessed I felt because I knew God had put them there. He was sending me reassurance. Don't you just love God? Do you know of any trust more complete than that of a baby towards it mother? It's unquestioning. Absolute. That's how I am trusting God now. Like a nuzzling baby. I invite you to do same and that is the whole point of me sharing this post.

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