Friday, 2 January 2015

Let Death Motivate You.

I have Myles Munroe and Unoma Nwankwor to thank for inspiring this post.

I'm honestly not in a good place. I know. How can this be when every body is so chirpy and positive this second day of a mint new year? That's them. This is me. Salt. I'm thankful. Happy to be alive. Grateful. Proud to be God's daughter. Feeling so blessed. And sad. Yes, I'm sad. I'm human and it's possible to be all of the above at the same time! At least, it's possible for me. That's my reality. My real reality. Why? Short version, I miss my dad. Long version? Not jist for today.

Anyway, my jist for today is this: Anytime you feel procrastination dragging you back. Anytime you hear that voice telling you to 'leave it till tomorrow'. Anytime you want to leave doing, being good, holy, godly, Christ-like till tomorrow. Don't do it. Shut the voice up! You don't know for sure you will be granted a tomorrow. Let Death motivate you to do it, be it today. Now.

Like me, I bet you have a bunch of nice 2015 goals. Dreams with deadlines I like to call them. Make them happen! Two days gone already. 363 left!  Action your plan. Let the reality that death might come calling anytime motivate you. No, I'm not out to be morbid or anything. I want you to live long. Very long. At least long enough to do all God sent you to do for him. I also want you to leave a good legacy behind. And it is my fervent prayer that  this blog or at least it's title will continue to ring in your ears from now on till your white horse comes calling.....

Go out there every day and do, be ALL that you are meant to be in 24 hours. And do it for 363 days. And anytime laziness, procrastination, woeismeism or whatever has the tendency to freeze you in place creeps up on you.....trying to discourage you....trying to take you down from your Cross....

Let the vision of you dying unfulfilled without your visa to eternity spur you on.

Yes, let Death motivate you. 

To be the Best You in 2015.


  1. No time to waste. I have been on high speed since the 1st.Yes we must do all and do it fast. Let the Holy Ghost inspired journey of 2015 begin. Bless you. Shalom! Sista Bola.


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