Sunday, 18 January 2015

Dear Mommy, Loubotins And Les Bebes Don't Go Together!

Please dear Mommy to that wonderful bundle of Joy, this heartfelt plea is to you!

Please, when you are going out anywhere; church service, wedding, children party and baby or toddler is going with you and you plan to carry him/her, please wear sensible shoes. I know you see BeyoncĂ© and Kim Kardashian carrying their babies wearing dangerously high shoes but please be sensible even if they are not. Today, I heard of a mom who fell 'ya kata' with her baby in church and I would laugh but I cannot because the dear baby did not ask for that. It was Mommy's fault. I know your sky high shoes are fine. I know your baby is cute. But Loubotins and Les Bebes do not go together! I take God beg una. 

Today, in church, we had to sit outside under a canopy because as at 7.30am church was filled to the brim*. I caught myself whispering prayers to God for help as one snazzy looking mom after another stepped gingerly by, baby on shoulder/hip, in crazy looking stilettos! To make it worse, they also struggled to flaunt the designer baby bags PLUS their own big bags! Maybe I'm old school but as a mom, your first thought should be about the safety of your baby.  Look good. Represent your good looking God but be responsible. Wearing those stilettos on our uneven, jagajaga walk ways with your baby is not responsible o! 

I agree with Tonia. When you are going out with your hubby, fine! Wear twelve inch heels should the urge come upon you. But be careful sha......I have seen some falls o! Not pretty at all. Twisted ankles are no fun. Or you know what? If you must wear the Loubotins and go out with Le Bebe...let the hubby or the nanny carry baby. Please! I pray you heed my cry. True, it's your life and your baby but after what I went through today and after reading Tonia's post, I cannot stay silent. My voice must speak. For the love of our babies. And your ankles.

I would talk about pregnant women wearing high heels or sisters wearing crazy short dresses and cleavage revealing tops and dresses in church......but not today.....not today. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not. But I will say this: I really pray God's Spirit speak to all his daughters today. You distract people when you dress like that. Some women are wondering why!! Some Men are wondering how to look without looking! So, you see, it doesn't matter if you are comfortable. It doesn't matter if even if Christ walked in you would be OK with him seeing your bosoms on display. You are meant to emulate Christ. Christ is Love. He always acted in love. When you dress like that to church, You are not acting in love o! Think about it! Eh-hen!

* Pastor Adeboye ministered at my church today. Need I say more?


  1. I really share your thoughts sait, God bless You real good. I pray Our ladies and moms Will listen o

    1. Thank you Atinuke. I pray so too. God bless you for taking the time to leave a comment

  2. "Wearing those stilettos on our uneven, jagajaga walk ways with your baby is not responsible o! " Hahahhaha! This so so funny! I agree though, safety first, then style. Better yet Safety & style :)

    1. I love that. Safety and Style! Thanks Gee! Appreciate your visit! Lol!

  3. I stumbled on your blog today via The One + One blog and i must say "Am awed" I am still reading, not going anywhere but just wanted to share your concern on this topic.

    1. Nkem! Thank you so much for stopping by!! I'm so happy you have decided to stay a while. What I offer you? Tea? Coffee? Afang soup? Lol! Bless you. I appreciate your time!
      *running off to get you something to drink*

  4. Long time here.
    Hi salt..

    I agree with you,babies and skyscraper hills don't go..just one misstep and both end on the floor with or without injuries.

  5. aaah Salt, this is really salt of the earth sense! Thanks for sharing, would make a great tweet topic too.

  6. My Salty Sista, you know you and I are always in one accord abi? Well said sis. Very well said!


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