Monday, 19 January 2015

Afraid? Forget About Yourself.

God, Great God! My bowing down can never do! I love these photos for a number of reasons chief being that they underscore this truth: No matter how Herculean a task, If I keep my eyes off myself, my skills, my abilities and keep my focus locked on Christ, He will accomplish the task for me, through me! What a friend to have in Jesus Christ! 

Friday, 16 January 2015 will linger in my memory for a long time. It was the day I 'did it afraid thanks to God'. What do I mean? You know when you have to do something - head a meeting, deliver a presentation, broker a make or break deal, propose to your fiancée - and you are as nervous as a bumble bee? It's not like you have not prepared for the meeting, rehearsed your presentation delivery, weighed all the angles of the deal or are not sure your love is returned. You know you've got this BUT still, you are scared. That's how I was feeling most of Friday.

If you've been reading this blog from the beginning you might know I organize book reading events as well as baby/bridal showers all of which I MC myself. I love doing it. It makes me so happy because I honestly think interacting with people in such settings comes naturally to me. Plus, this was not the first time I was doing this at work. But still the prospect of MC-ing this seriously important event for my Employer was giving me the hibby-jibbies. All day that day, when the nerves were at their peak, I just kept praying in the spirit. I remember even telling Rachel who came to do my make-up about how I was feeling as a way to quell it. Nope. It didn't work. 

Do you know what worked? First of all it went from bad to worse cos now I was back stage waiting for the   event to kick off and my head started spinning and nausea set in. I had to send my MGM an SMS to pray. Of course he called me and tried to calm my nerves as best he could over the lovely but loud cocktail music Shuga band music was releasing into the room.  Then, out of nowhere, I heard God's voice clearly( which is amazing cos the music was so loud). He said:

"Salt, forget about yourself.  Focus on me. I've got this"

Boom! In that instant the churning in my stomach stilled and the rest as they say is history! I had a blast! Feedback that night blew me away. My bosses, my colleagues were all hugging me and saying 'well done'. I was humbled and fought to hold back tears as I grinned like a silly girl all over the place. Even MC Abbey who added his comedic talent to the show said he couldn't believe I was not doing this professionally. As I type, I'm still getting text messages from people about that evening. And I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that God was not kidding. 

He nailed it.

I was just the body He used. And I don't mind one bit! I'm happy to be used anyhow by God. *smiling*

My point? Whenever you face situations like this and you are afraid and/or nervous. That's OK. Just forget about yourself, focus on your God and watch as He goes all out to show off His Excellence through you. Of course, you do know you must have a tight, authentic relationship with Him first, right? Good. Please, by an 'authentic relationship' with God, I mean one in which you are real with God. I'm not perfect at all. I fall down seven times but get up eight. All I am is by His Grace and because of His fresh mercies over me each new day. Each day I'm striving to go deeper into Him. But this I know: God  is passionate about doing me good.....I just want you to know this too. 

Banwo Adeosun, thank you for offering me this platform and sticking to your guns because you believed. Rachel Robinson, thank you for transforming me especially because I'm such a 'not too much, not too loud' somebodi. Lol! Ama Green, thank you for this lovely fabric you gave me as a Christmas present. See, if I was on a Red carpet, I would have said 'Tonight, I'm wearing Ama Green by Vera'. Lol! The lady who sews my maxis is Vera. Thank you Vera!  MC Abbey, thank you! It was a joy collaborating with you. And to my MGM, thank you for being there to speak encouragement over me. To you dear reader, thank you for reading this far and if you know any of the people above, please help me and thank them.


  1. Always loves reading your write-ups, they inspire and encourage me. You look lovely. May God bless you n continually grant you the unction to function. Keep up the good work.

    1. Rita!!! Long time! Happy New New Year!! Thank you for coming by. I'm grateful. And Amen to your prayer!!!

  2. Great! I was reminded to keep my focus on God in everything. May your relationship with the Lord get sweeter and sweeter as the days go by.

    1. Amen!! And yours too PreciousAY. And thanks for coming by! Appreciate your time!

  3. Loved the way you told this story. God has got me, Thats all I need to hold on to.
    You look WOW !! ( thats the only word that came out of my mouth, lol)

    1. Thank you Thecla! Yes, God has got us. Priceless. Just Priceless.

  4. You always leave me inspired... You are Salt indeed, your light is shining and today I give God praise for you.

    1. Arese!!! I only know 2 Areses and whichever one you are I'm happy!!! Lol!
      Thank you so much. God is indeed worthy of all our praise!!
      But my are Salt too...and Light! Shine on!!!


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