Thursday, 1 January 2015

2015 Gratitude Journal, Day One: 2014 Reflections and Thanksgiving

First of all, No. I don't plan on keeping an online journal. I'm too old school for that. When it comes to prayer or gratitude-journaling, I like to write on real paper with a biro. Posting this is  just me wanting to seal my commitment to be grateful in 2015 by dedicating my very first blog to being just that. On this very first day of 2015, I come to give thanks to my PapaGod for my 2014 as follows:

Life, Health and Healing.
It's true when we lose a loved one, we become more aware of the brevity of our own lives. I'm so thankful to be alive and healthy. Hmm...sickness is evil. PapaGod, I bless your name for putting a hedge round the kids throughout 2014. Thank you for sparing me those kind of worries. I'm so grateful you did not let us bury two fathers in one year! How great is your love! How merciful you are.

Love and Family
I'm so thankful for the love of my family. PapaGod, thank you for counting me worthy of being a mom. Thank you giving me a good man to run this marathon with. Boy, 2014 was hard for me but having them in my heart gave me the power to go on. Like never before, my brother reached out in 2014. He always makes me laugh. I miss Mrs. G─ůska but just knowing she is doing fine strengthens me. I'm so proud of her. I'm so grateful for how you helped us all ('awon Omo Prof') deal with my Papa's passing. It's just you Lord. Thank you. As extended family goes, I'm so grateful for my sis-in-love. Just because. We don't talk or chat often but when we do, it's edifying and funny. Thank you Lord for keeping her family safe and healthy. In fact, for ring-fencing my entire family by blood and marriage? Lord, thank you. Each one I know, old and young has made it to 2015, Praise God! 

SistaFriendships and Divine Connections.
It's impossible to quantify the value of my sista connections. In 2014, Shirley Okharedia, thank you. Kemi Balogun, thank you. Bunmi Oluwole, Thank you.  Unyime-Ivy King, Funmi Elesha, Victoria Oduntan, Oyemi Solola, Bimbo Ibezim, 'Zibah Denise, Hadiza Mohammed, Ibiye Osio, Funkeyi Akintayo, Alero Eyesan, Bidemi Mark-Mordi, Funke Ani, Nkoyo Itegboje, Audrey Joe-Ezigbo and Ajiro Okoro. Thank you all! January 26th to March 01st 2014 would have been a hundred fold more difficult without you. Hajara Pitan, Ize Adava, Irene Olumese, Bridget Elesin, Tari Akhibi, Unoma Nwankwor, Betty Abah, Seun Oke, Yejide Kilanko, Yemosh, Ohunene Scott-Ananaba, Ama Green, Yetunde Oni, Desola Asade, Eloho, Tricia, Keji, Arike, Pastor B, Uche Ilodianya, Dame Patience, Pastor Lanre and Roz. PapaGod, thank you for gifting me my connections with these ladies. At different times and in different ways, little, big, physically, cyberly,  when I needed to 'know' someone was there for me in 2014, one of them was. No doubt, some names will be missing from this list  but if I was one of the missing ones confident in 'her bond with Salt' I would just shrug and say 'no biggy. I know we tight. She's getting old, dass all!' Lol! Seriously, it's impossible to thank every single person, male or female that has been a blessing to me in 2014. I will keep trying in my journal though....

My Job and My Passion
I have a great job. I'm grateful. It truly is a wonderful place to be and I thank God. I thank you for the capacity you give me to deliver. For my 2014 performance I thank you. But Lord I could never thank you enough for my Voice. Yes, my blogging! I just bless your name for my gift. I love it, love using it and love that you chose it as the funnel for my purpose. Just makes me smile thinking about it. Thank you for my books,my blogs and every Salt platform you have given me. I'm beside myself with gratitude. Thank you PapaGod! Thank you!

Oh! And Of Course!
Thank you for Uche! She had her heart's desire, a baby boy! Thank you for Ima's college admission! Thank you for Aniekan passing his common entrance! Thank you for Pastors Poju Oyemade, Joe Olaiya, Myles Munroe, Ayo Oluokun, Okey Onuzo and Weyinmi Jemide whose messages truly enriched my life in 2014. Thank you for Little Taiwo's successful surgery! Thank you for AK's perfect GMAT score!! Ok, this last one is an advance thanks but see how confident I am in you Lord! I know with you by his side, he will ace the test this time! Thank you for being so trustworthy! 


2014 was rough but I'm still here and I'm still thankful. And I shall remain so in 2015 and this blog is my first stake in the ground today! Gratitude must be a daily way of life to be captured in writing every night. I hope you reading will encourage me by joining me. Apart from being really fun, it truly lifts the spirit. As you write out what God has done, you just want to praise Him and then apologize for ever allowing anything make you doubt him or his love for you. How do you doubt a God that did all I just wrote up there? How? 

He is a truly Good God. Truly Faithful.

And worthy of all our Gratitude.


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