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War Against CSA: Acts Generation Provides Helpline (070 4385 1725)

I cannot tell you how happy I was when my Angel Mama, Mrs. Laila St. Matthew-Daniel told me that she had a helpline people could call to report Child Sexual Abuse issues. Her NGO, Acts Generation does some really special work 'healing the minds and bodies of troubled and hurting women and 'at-risk' youths through counselling and rehabilitation' and I knew if anyone would know about a number or how to get one, she would. I was not wrong. 

She did have a number and shared it at the end of her post below. Her post is so important that I have just lifted the entire thing for you. I strongly advise you to read it slowly and commit the actions to heart especially if you are a parent right now. Then most importantly save the number on your phone ready to use. See, like she says at the end if  you know about CSA and you do not report it, you are an accomplice! Is that what you want to be? 

CHILD ABUSE by Laila St. Matthew Daniel

Most sexual abuse is perpetuated by someone very close to the child. Where a child should feel safe is, sometimes, where the violation occurs. A violation that strips the child of her innocence (and boys in some cases). A violation that affects the destiny of the child. A violation that messes up the mind-set and values of the child involved. A violation that destroys the God given innocence of a girl-child and affects her ability to operate in her role as a mother, wife and nurturer (even the boy becomes a philanderer and cheater. Most times)

There are things to look out for and some are as follows:

1. When a normally boisterous child becomes withdrawn and sometimes aggressive.

2. When a child suddenly is fearful or resentful of a familiar male figure - teacher, brother, father, family friend etc.

3. Be observant of closeness of the boy child and house helps or older cousins etc.

1. Mothers should sacrifice sleep and make rounds of the bedrooms at odd times of the night.

2. Mothers/fathers should LISTEN to a child when they tell them something and not be quick to 'HUSH' them due to their own fear of de-stabilizing the home front. What needs to be recognised is this...if you don't address the issue, the issue will affect your child..male or female for life!

3. Start early to teach your child the PROPER names of parts of the nick-names. Warmly tell them the does and donts of ways an adult should behave with them. Make sure you are not harsh or you might get reverse action of instilling fear that could affect their ability to be normal with partners later on.

Above all PRAY from birth that the spirit of Lust will be far from your child.

Loads of marital issues and promiscuity can be traced to abuse to childhood between 0+ - 8yrs! Both male and female. Be observant! Be ready to take action! Remember you will answer to your Maker for any form of destruction that a child goes through. You are the first point of contact to the moulding of their character and attitude.

Say NO to child abuse!
Helpline: 070 4385 1725
Confidentiality guaranteed. 
Remember if you keep quiet, you are an accomplice
Laila St. Matthew-Daniel @ ACTS Generation

I am sharing the Komal video again just in case you have not seen it yet. Please watch, make your kids watch and then share with all your loved ones who have kids. Thank you and God keep you and yours safe as we bask in the joy, peace and love of this Season!


  1. Thanks for this ma'am, really helpful even If I am currently single.
    #store knowledge.

    The video didn't play on my phone.

    1. Please store away! Thanks for coming by to read this Frances. It is vital information we should all have. I am so glad she spoke about the waking up at night to go check on your kids. I always thought I was just being over protective cos I tend to do that once in a while myself.

      Oh do try to watch it when you get to a PC or laptop then. But ideally, it should play on any device.

  2. Nice one. I honestly pray for my son everyday against sexual abuse & God has been awesome to us. The video didn't play on my phone as well

    1. Thanks Anonymous for coming by and taking the time to leave a comment. You are doing THE best thing we can do. PRAY! That is our only true weapon. The Lord who gave us these children will watch over them.


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