Thursday, 4 December 2014

The First Corinthians, Thirteen, Four To Eight Way.

Every day, commit to 'doing and being love' this way.
I did not plan to blog about this today. 

I had one blog half done in my head about missing my Papa, my Prof and another one quarter done about how tough it is being a mom sometimes. You know, those times when they are 'going through' and you are sad but still a little happy because they call you and tell you just hearing your voice makes it a little better. Anyway, I figured I was not going to blog any of those. I really was not going to blog anything. But here I am tired and still stuck at my desk thanks to APC and its traffic-causing activities in the Onikan area of Lagos, Nigeria. Up Nigeria! *rolling my eyes sarcastically and tiredly*

So, I decided to take my mind off my predicament and share some time with you here. Blogging soothes me. Plus, I am still totally enthralled by Chip Ingram and his book - Love, Sex & Lasting Relationships - and it is from  its pages I bring my 'love offering' today. I want to talk about Love. You all know the above scripture passage right? I'm certain you do but still here are the ever popular verses :

It is not boastful
Love is not proud
It is not rude
Love does not demand its own way.
It is not easily angered or irritable
Love keeps no record of being wronged.
Love does not delight in evil
But, rejoices whenever the truth wins out.
Love always protects
It never gives up or loses faith
Is always trusts and is always hopeful
Love never fails, it endures through every circumstance.

I am sure you just zoomed through because you think you know all the verses already by heart. You have heard sermons on them, seen them in wedding invitations, on posters, in greeting cards, in short, they are everywhere! They have become so familiar that they have lost all meaning. 'See finish' has robbed these scriptures of the power they are meant to have over us as Christians. Or how else do you explain the way we treat ourselves especially in courting or marriage relationships where this love is meant to exist?

Do me a favour. Go back up there and read those verses again. This time, take your time. Especially if you are half of  a couple. Imagine the possibilities if  the above words described how you treated each other? Imagine how your marriage would be if, on a daily basis, you determined in your heart to love your Spouse the 'First Corinthians, Thirteen, Four to Eight' way?

From personal experience I can tell you that the more you do love this way, the more you will experience marriage as God intended.  More peace, more laughter, freer flowing communication, deeper mutual respect, trust and understanding. In short, a marriage like heaven. And you know what? Even if it does not work immediately or ever, you will be accomplishing on huge thing. What's that? 

You will be  'becoming more Christ-like' because you will be loving like He does. The Agape way and as Chip Ingram puts it. This kind of love is ''giving others what they need most when they deserve it the least.''

Sort of like what God continues to do for us on a daily basis. Don't you agree?


  1. Thank you very much. God's grace is sufficient!

  2. Firstly, u got me- i totally zoomed out. Secondly, wat is d essence of giving soo much l**e but get nothing in return? Goin by 'even if it does not work out ever'. It is not as easy as u fink uno!

    1. Se mine, thank you first of all for coming by. Second of all....if that is the case....are you sure this is the 'right' person? See, if you are a right person I.e one close to God and hearing from Him, I doubt you would get stuck with one who would never change.....

      I might be wrong but think and pray on it.....Did you seek God before hooking up with this person?

  3. I fEel you talk from experience and its getting more and more, how do you hear from God and truely know it is d Lord speaking?

    1. Good question Semmie. The closer your walk with God the better you will hear Him and be able to discern His voice. It's easy when it's about choosing between right (going to church or waking up to pray) and wrong ( stealing or fibbing) because clearly God would never ask you to steal and the devil would never ask you to go to church.

      It gets harder when it's between two 'right' things like maybe helping out a friend in need or giving alms to a beggar or setting someone straight about their bad behavior. How do we know what God would have us do? None of these is bad. Personally I ask him and wait. If the thought of doing it causes any disquiet in my spirit I step back. As a child of a God we always feel a kind of peace when we are walking in His will. The moment I step out, I know. My peace drops.

      As per partners and relationships my dear before you even seek God if you are a practicing Christian, the person must first of all be one too. So Asking God if the guy is for you when he drinks, smokes, does not believe as you do is really pointless. You can see for yourself that he cannot....God is not a confusion peddler so he will not lead you to such.

      If however the brother or sister passes on the faith walk level does it automatically mean s/he is the One? No but it's a good place to start. You present him/ her to God and ask him. He will tell you and send confirmation through His word or your pastor and the person too must get same you continue in courtship whAt you heard will be confirmed as you get to know each other....hope this helps. Truth is hearing from God is not about's about relationship.


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