Saturday, 6 December 2014

Salt Supports The 17th December 2014 F. A. M. E Event!

I love and am hyping this event on my blog for three reasons.

One, the Fashion and Music Entertainment Event (F. A. M. E) idea was 'born of a woman', a NaijaSista and you know I'm all about supporting my Sistas, right? Bukiie Smart, who is the Creative Director behind this event, is also the CEO of a professional event company here in Lagos that goes by the same name - F. A. M. E.

Two,  I love tasteful fashion and you know I love music and this is all about discovering, nurturing and harnessing new talents in the Fashion and Music  spheres of our entertainment industry. I love that. Giving new, hitherto unknown talents a chance; a shot at making their dreams come true! That's just wonderful! So do you know any one with untapped talents in these areas?   Send them the website details - - It might not be too late to register.


Three, even if you cannot sew to save your life. Even, if like me, when you sing it sounds like you are crying * smiling*, you can still support by attending and having fun! It's going to one more fun way to get into the Christmas mood and guess what? The DJ for the day is going to be a lady!!!! Yes! DJ Nene. Don't you want to see her in action? I know I do! 

The concert promises to be a fine evening filled with sights and sounds attesting to the true innovation and style of the Event Organisers as well as the participants themselves.  It's taking place in the  Grand Ballroom, Oriental Hotel, Lekki, Lagos on Wednesday, 17th December 2014. There are tickets for N5,000 as well as VIP ones for N20,000. Corporates could support this laudable project by reserving a table  for a price-tag of N1million. Do call 08152122911 for more information and or to make reservations. You could also  send emails to

Here's wishing Bukiie Smart and the entire F. A. M. E Productions team a super successful event! Let's be a part of their success! Let's Attend! Buy tickets! Sponsor a talent! Or simply share this post!


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