Sunday, 21 December 2014

Now Let The Jingle Bells Begin To Jingle! My Nest Is Full Again!


I tell you blogging is a gift from God. If you blog the way I do, it somehow is a kind of time capsule of your life. Today, I want to capture my joy at having my nest full again! I'm so happy. It's been a tough semester for us all but all is well. First born son survived a flurry of term papers, essays and flunking his first ever GMAT test. You can read about it in his own words @ My Only Princess survived dealing with college applications and interviews.  I'm so pleased she got into the college of our collective dreams. Lol! Last Born Son survived studying for and taking his first ever Common Common Entrance! Do you see why I've come here to rejoice now? I'm so grateful to God and I want to be able to look back over my blogs some day and remember today. 

Yes, today my blog is my Gratitude Journal and I am so so so grateful to God for seeing his children through another school semester, helping them deal with the highs and lows of school and bringing them back home to my MGM and I safe and sound! PapaGod! Thank you so much! Now, that my nest is full, I'm ready to get my Christmas on!

Let the jingle bells start jingling! Lol! 

As a parent , no matter what is wrong or what you think you don't have when you  look up or around you and see the faces of your progeny smiling at you, ah....Life is simply Beautiful. Regardless. 

*singing and dancing*

Kosagbara to da bi ti Jesu!

Kosagbara to da bi ti Baba!

Kosagbara to da bi ti Jesu!

Agbara! Agbara! Agbara to j'agbara lo!

It is You alone that keeps our children by the power of your righteous right hand!

Lord, even now, I must remember our Chibok girls. Let their parents too be able to rejoice as I am doing right now. And soon. 

In Jesus Christ Name. Amen.

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