Wednesday, 24 December 2014

It Took Seven Hundred Years.

First of all, let me just say this to you. If God has told you. It is done. Period.

It does not matter if you have been waiting since you were twenty and now you are thirty.
Listen, Isaiah prophesied about Christ's birth because God told him to. It took (read my lips) SEVEN HUNDRED years for that prophesy to come to pass. I'm sure many had given up on it ever coming to pass just like you have. But today, I come to you saying: Even if you feel like fainting. Don't faint. Keep believing. God does not lie. If He has said it. He will do it! Even if he told you sixteen books of the Books of the Bible ago! 

Christmas is peeking through the door right now and all I really come to do is to wish you a Merry Christmas! But I want us all to understand two things in particular. One, the way we see time and the way God sees time are not the same. Our thousand years is but a blink to Him. So, don't limit your God by your human understanding of time. Today, believe that IF he said He will do something in your life, you wrote it down, then it shall be done. In His Timing. And Guess what I tell myself as I wait? At least thank God because it means I'm not dying any time soon because I have not seen what God promised me. Yes ke. Even in waiting for the promise, there is a promise! A promise of !ife! 

Two, God is crazy in love with you. See, humans say they love us yet they hurt us. God never hurts us. Never. Even when we 'feel' hurt it's just Him training us for our 'Greater'. See, God gave up His divinity for you. He became human for you. God gave up Heaven for you. God took on pain, shame, sin just to prove His love for you. God 'died' a shameful, cursed death to save you. Show me one human being who has done all of these for you. Do you have one? No? I didn't think so. So, my love, even if you don't have one Christmas card; even if there is not one present under your Christmas tree, know this:

A Divine God gave up his divinity for you. That's how much He loved you. And that is the best Gift of All! In God's eyes, you are worth it. So please if God, the All knowing and All wise God says you are worth his being born in a manger among smelly sheep and goats...

Believe Him. Junk your human stop watch and go all out to celebrate His love for you tomorrow. 

Merry Christmas! Remember, with God, impossible is the starting point. 

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