Monday, 15 December 2014

Have Yourself A Truly Meaningful Valentine's Day in 2015

I consider myself a love merchant. I believe in and 'peddle' true love. Not the airy fairy kind you find in romance novels and movies. Yes, I am a sap and love reading and watching those books and those movies but the kind of love I now believe sustains relationships does not and indeed cannot spring forth from any normal human heart and is for sure not made in Hollywood. Nor Nollywood, Bollywood or Ghollywood.

This book I have been talking about- Sex, Love and Lasting Relationships- takes you deep into what I believe is God's heart for how he wants you to experience these three things. Modupe Ehirim, via this Book Reading Challenge, is set to help you and your Sweet Valentine   experience your most meaningful Valentine Day ever.  Chocolates, Teddy Bears and. Candle- lit dinners are all lovely but I never met a relationship on the rocks that any of these could save. 


On the other hand, the knowledge and God inspired wisdom you and your significant other will glean from this book will, if applied, save you much agros and heartache now and in the future. I learned much of what is in this book the very hard way. Why go through that? Learn now!! Easy!

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Now, why on God's own earth would you read this blog and not take action? 

Personally, if you ask me, THIS is the best way to show you love your sweet Valentine.  The fact that you want your love to last a lifetime. Just like God's love for us. The fact that you want to understand the difference between lust and love and love and sex and selfish love and agape love. Is what will set you apart. But that's just me.

I can only pray that's it's you too. 

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