Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Happy Birthday ToluwalopeMine!!!!

I have not done one of these family member posts in a while aside from the ones for my kids maybe but today is a good day to do one as I brag on God for my sister, Toluwalope. It's her birthday today and while silver and gold I have none, I have a blog and I can celebrate her here today fine, fine!  *smiling*.  

Toluwalope!!!!! (I like to call her name in full. Don't ask me why)
Happy, Happy Birthday to you my love! 
Today, I choose to celebrate you by sharing two of my favourite memories of you. 
How about that? *smiling*

One of my earliest and favourite memories about you is of you when you were a little baby.  I was in the throes of my first pregnancy and doing my best not to 'die' from morning sickness that was really 'all the day long sickness'. I was off work and spent most of my days in bed nauseous and spitting like a snake. Lol! Anyway, I would be lying on my bed in the room all alone and all of sudden, I would 'sense' this peaceful presence in my room. I would open one eye to see who had come in and there you would be, cute as a bunny, sitting down beside my bed staring at me with those big brown eyes of yours. The first time you did this, I was startled because considering you were just a crawling baby, I could not figure out how you managed to navigate your way from the sitting room to my room in that our house in Ijesha, Surulere back then. It was not a straight forward journey at all. Lol! But somehow you always did.

Sometimes you would crawl in as if to tell me 'sorry, feel better' and just crawl back out. Sometimes, you would crawl in and just sit staring at me  and we would have this silent baby to pregnant woman conversation. It soothed me somehow, your presence. Amazing the comfort you can get from a tiny baby's presence as your own body was in the hands of God creating another one.  

Even as you began to grow up, I would always still sense you staring at me and sometimes would wonder what you were thinking about me. *smiling*.  Another favourite of mine is from when you were a little older. I had just had LBS then. You were just how old? Maybe 10? You were so so eager to help. You and Ima and Debbie wanted to hold baby, feed baby and I am sure had I allowed it, bathe baby. Lol!  But I will never forget the neatly ironed baby clothes you brought into my room this one day. You had taken your time, ironed these clothes and arranged them neatly in a basket. I was floored. I know that at ten I could not have done that. I only began to pick up proper life skills when I went off to boarding house! That's why till today I thank God for making my parents send me off back then even though I wept for a full month. Lol!

I have more memories of you but these are two of my top five. The rest, we shall leave for another day. Lol! Maybe your wedding day! Ouch! Did I go there? Lol! No, trust me, I am not in a hurry for you or Debs to marry. Take your time o! Anyway, I trust my Mgm, he is waiting for the men that will venture to say they want to marry you both and His Only Princess! Left to him, he would choose husband for all three of you! Lol! Too funny!

Seriously though, I brag on God for your life and am so happy for where you are today. This will be a tough birthday for you I know but I pray this has in someway made it bearable. And that you are 'Happy'. We all must be because that is as Prof would want it. He would want us all to be happy. Regardless. Abi?

Much love my dear. Have a fabulous day and remember God is especially fond of you!

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. it sure did make it bearable...thank you so much sis. this.means a lot to me.

    and I think of how you're such a good person, Caring and considerate, organized and simple.....and most especially intelligent, I Marvel at the things that come out of your mouth.

    wedding??? I have no comment.:D

    1. I am glad. It is really tough but we can. I have been having all manner of flash backs myself but God is helping us. And doing this helped me too going back memory lane..... I love, no one is good but God and you know this very well. I am not good. I am not bad. I am just Salt, abi? But thank you o jare....As for intelligence, you know we Adefs are sharp somebodies. Lol! We God all the glory! Enjoy your day Tolu. Rock it plenty.

      It is good you have no comment. Lol!

  2. Happy birthday Salt's lil sister.

    1. Big Sister thanks you Imanna! So sweet of you!


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