Sunday, 21 December 2014

Christmas Came Early: A Review of My Favorite Diary of A DNW

Not Read the 2011 Diary of a DNW? Perhaps this truly lovely review would 'ginger' your desire to do so and/or buy a copy as a Christmas present for a loved one. Hmmmm? Bunmi Jasmine Omeke, Thank you repeat.

One of the reasons why this Diary is my favourite is because this African Queen you see on the cover is my one, my only Sistachild, Mrs. G─ůska.  My 'First born' child and Sister. There is no quantity to express how much I love her. 

"I have just finished reading this book and am wondering if I can truly pen down my encounter with the highly inspirational book in even 10 (ten) pages. The truth is, I can’t , so I will just write from my heart.


I was presented with a copy of the book by the author, who happen to be my maternal cousin. (yeah, I got to mention, why not? Am proud of her!) She had advised me to go through the book like a devotion and take each page for each day. Well, I did not heed the advice (with no regrets). Each page I read ‘wanted’ me to flip to the next. There was this hunger and thirst that made me to keep flipping to the next day without following the devotional thingy. DDNW became next as handy as my mobile phone.


Sincerely, every account and reflection of DNW’s daily encounter with God and life is deep, insightful and refreshing. The way she relates the physical situations with the spiritual essence of our being is truly insightful. For example, her account of the day she wore a flat shoe to work, unaware of the emergency alarm that was going to go off that day and relating it to the coming of Christ and preparedness for same.


I cannot also forget her story of the Donkey who shook off the sand poured on it to bury it alive, and made the sand a platform for its upliftment. Funny but encouraging is also her testimony of how she started from the bottom, ‘sewing suits from her designers tailors’…


These accounts were ‘tailor-made’ for me as a young married girl who has had this inner struggle to fulfill her God given purpose. Somehow I came to understand life early (as DNW pointed out at my first meeting with her), however I still felt this vacuum. I needed to connect with someone of like heart and mind, I needed some assurance that I am on the right path. Human nature has made me want to drift severally but the content of this book (words I believe spoken from God) gave me those assurances I needed most. It revitalized my being and gave me the very tool I require for my onward upward journey with Christ.


Now, with those words constantly rehearsed in my heart, I can walk with my shoulder high because of what God has said and DNW has reiterated in the DDNW 2011.


God bless DNW."

I no longer call myself the DNW but I am still a Nigerian woman desperate to be  'the Christ' people see. I am Salt now. It's my God-given name that doubles as my divine mandate. To season the earth I live on with godly flavour. To let my life be that which preserves it.  To be that one person on account of whom God would turn away His wrath from my country. I am no saint. I am not bad. I am not good. I am just Salt and my books and all I do are all about giving God glory.

God is mine and I am His.

That's what matters most to me.

I pray you think likewise. *smiling*

Merry Christmas in advance! 

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