Saturday, 22 November 2014

Whose Life Are You Touching For God?

~ Dedicated to ChazzB. A man who touched thousands of lives. Sun re o! 

First My Neneh posted a comment using the hashtag 'Jesus is coming soon'. Then another sister, Pamela posts another comment and asks 'whose life am I touching?'. I can't get over how two comments from two different people could more or less capture the thoughts of the blog I had been writing in my head all day. Do you really need a soothsayer to tell you that we are living in times during which we cannot afford to sleep without a spare lamp and spare oil? I honestly cannot think of a time when the thought of Christ's return felt more imminent than it does now. There is bedlam every where you turn! Wars and Rumours of wars? But has the son of lawlessness Paul talked about in his letter to the Thessalonians revealed himself I asked myself? I could think of many men who fit the bill.  But you know what? Rather than worry about the timing of the return of my Christ, I have decided to just face my front and just go about doing my Father's business so that whenever Christ comes, He finds me on duty. 

What's my fathers business? Whatever He tells me to do. Nothing more. Nothing less. For His People. I've always known that any purpose worth having must have something to do with showing people God loves them.  So borrowing from Pamela Evbota, I will go to bed each day asking myself 'whose life did I touch today?'. Did I glorify God? Forget about the person remembering me. Will the person turn to God in thanks? Just like we all turned to God in thanks for the life and legacy of Dr. Myles Munroe. Just like we are turning to God today to thank .him for the life of ChazzB and how he touched our lives. Nobody knows tomorrow. Just like my sister Irene said on her own blog today as well, we must make the most of our time here.  Dr. Munroe ran his own race well. ChazzB ran his own race well. Are you running your own race?  Am I running mine?  We better be. 

Life is Time and Time is Life. Wasting your time means you are wasting your precious life. You will have to explain yourself to The One who invested that Life in you. And above all, even if you are not touching lives just let God touch yours. Live daily with heaven in view. After all we've been through it will be a crying shame if we miss out on eternal life too. Whichever comes first for you - Rapture or Death - you will get no warning. It will be like a thief in the night.

So. Live. Ready.  

(What a day of high highs and low lows it has been today for me. Trying not to feel sad as my family remembers my Papa, my Prof as today is his birthday. Trying to contain my joy at reading Irene Olumese's thoughts about my book, True Confessions. Trying to understand ChazzB's passing. Trying to get over how good it felt being a part of Remi Roy's day. Trying to thank God enough for the blessing of a day out with my MGM and LBS  just doing nothing and everything.  But isn't that just how life is? What are we to do?  In all of it, we give thanks.)


  1. I guess the message all round right now is the same, but only if you are actually listening!

  2. Exactly Zee. Many are hearing and I pray they are listening. And acting.. Today.
    Tomorrow might not come.

  3. I have had an "assignment" I was supposed to do running in my head all day.
    I know I should have done it as soon as God said but I lazed around and didnt... I pray for grace, to indeed hear, listen and take the actions God wants me to take to reach others for Him in Jesus name, amen.

    1. I stand with you Frances! More Grace to you in Jesus Christ's name! Amen!


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