Thursday, 6 November 2014

So Are You At Ease In Zion?

Don't let all people say about you be 'Oh, You are so pretty!'
You must be more than that!
You have to stop being at ease in Zion'
(Pastor Bemigho Omayuku @ the last Woman Cry Out Prayer Conference)

Yes, I totally agree. As women we must be more than just a pretty face. We must be powerful in the things of God and I have said that here enough times. But what does it mean mean to be 'at ease in Zion'?

I honestly was not sure but at the time, I figured it could not be good. I was right. When you look up the scripture in Amos 6:1, you see that the word that comes right before this phrase is the word 'Woe'. 'Woe to you who are at ease in Zion!'. And you now that in the Bible, especially in the OT, when that word is used, they are not messing around at all. It means you are cursed, damned, condemned, doomed! In fact, one person said it means to experience 'a tragedy of special significance'. 

Now, why would I let ignorance put me in such a position. Not gonna happen. So I decided that I would not be 'at ease in Zion' o! But first, I needed to understand exactly what that meant. Before I share what it means, let me just throw in three other versions of the same scripture to begin to ginger your understanding:

1. Doom to those resting comfortably in Zion 2. Woe to you that are wealthy in Sion 3. How terrible it will be for those who have an easy life/are complacent/at ease in Jerusalem and for those who feel secure on the mountain of Samaria.

There now, down to business. 'Being at ease in Zion' and 'feeling secure in Samaria' means:

1.  Being complacent about our walk with God. We still go to church  and pray and sing and dance but not with our hearts and not with the right attitudes

2.  Having an 'anything goes' mentality pervade how we think, talk, behave, dress and even our appetites.

3.  Becoming conceited, arrogant, presumptuous because God has lifted us up and given us a 'name'; people now know us so we have stopped having time for God. 'Our boast' is now in our riches, wealth, position, pedigree, talents, children, accomplishments, etc.

4.  Procrastinating, Putting off the work of God till it suits us; till its convenient. 'I will join a department in church when I have more time/start working for myself/the baby grows up.

5.  Still 'wrestling with old sins'; At first it bothered you but now after doing it for so long, your conscience does not even prick you anymore. You have become 'at ease in Zion' letting your flesh rule you. 

6. Turning a blind eye to things we should be standing up to confront. In our homes, families, churches, cities and even in our own lives. 

7.  Living for just ourselves, seeking only our own pleasures. We could not care less about the child out there we could feed by just giving up one brand new weave on/pair of shoes/Gadget. Nothing moves us. 'I have problems of my own' is our mantra.

8.  Being cold and heartless in a hurting world. Yes, even Christians. Some are so uncaring. They hear this tale of woe - Nothing. That sad story, No emotion. Professing to be 'of God' but having no heart for His children.


So tell me. Having read all of the above, are you at ease in Zion in anyway?

You know, being at ease in Zion of the Old Testament equates to quenching of the Spirit of the New Testament.  So to put it another way, is there anything in your life that is quenching the fire of God's Spirit in your life? Dimming your light? De-flavouring your Salt?

Think about it. Repent. Make a U-Turn. Today. 

Like I said before, too much is at stake.


  1. for deep thoughts.God have mercy on me

    1. My dear, God have mercy on us ALL..... Thank you for coming by Bunmi. O se ganni!


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