Saturday, 29 November 2014

Seeking A Marriage As God intended? Hidden Treasures Bookstore to the Rescue!

'If you really want to improve your marriage, it's always safe to begin the process of change by assuming that your partner needs agape love from you. Not because he or she deserves it or because it's top on your list. You make this decision because you have experienced Christ's love and you realize that meeting someone else's need is the best way to express how grateful you are for Christ's love. This means that a wife chooses to treat her husband in ways that are meaningful and fulfilling to him. Meanwhile, the husband chooses to treat his wife in ways that are meaningful and fulfilling to her. Neither waits for the other before acting.'

Salt to my Married God-Fearing friends:  I don't know it all but I sincerely believe the above quote from Chip Ingram's book is truly the magic bullet for us. It beautifully validates the 'Once Upon a Circle of Love' fable in my book, True Confessions. Yes, I agree, very hard, near impossible in some cases but remember that 'Impossible is God's starting point'. You just need to make Him your starting point. Step 1? Get this book! Read it! Please! I'm sure Modupe Ehirim is set to sort you out. 

Salt to my Single God-Fearing friends: This is  how agape love works. You can't do it without God's help. So I suggest that before you kill yourself looking for Mr. or Miss Right, you take steps to become the 'Right person' yourself.  First stop? Get right with God and fully understand and appreciate His love for you. Hidden Treasures Bookstore is planning a special event in Q1 2015 around this book and you are it's Target  Audience . Please plan to participate. It's going to be a fun, educative, life-enhancing way to spend the time running up to Valentine's Day. I shall share more on it in the coming week.  In the meantime, buy the book as soon as possible!  You will need it. I promise you will not regret it. 

I have been married for 21 years and I can tell you for free that I still don't know it all but of this I am certain: Until at least one spouse decides to put obeying and pleasing God first, until at least one spouse makes up his/her heart to love with agape love that marriage is likely to head for the rocks. It's not a curse. It's just fact. The natural human heart cannot do the kind of love that sustains marriage. I stumbled upon much of what I have read in Mr. Ingram's book so far on my own, learning the hard way. You don't have to.  Heed my plea to buy this book and prayerfully apply it's wisdom to your life and marriage. 

Shalom and remember God is especially fond of you! 

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