Monday, 17 November 2014

Salt to FavouredWoman, This Is Why I Pray

A Prayer-less Person is
free lunch for the enemy
I promised Favoured Woman, on her blog, that I would come back with the long version of my 'short' response to her question. I like to keep my promises. So why do I pray? I pray because I breathe. I take my next breath because I pray. I know, that is me trying to be the French Philosopher, Rene Descartes *smiling*.  But seriously, here is why I pray.

Prayer for me is talking to my PapaGod to maintain our relationship. He is my God, My Lord, My Friend and like any other, our relationship needs nurturing to get deeper and more meaningful. So that when I go to Him for my Needs, He knows I don't just see 'his hands'. I am also interested in seeing 'his face'. This is why I pray. To deepen my bond with God.

We all know why we pray. I am no different from any one out there seeking God in prayer but Thecla's post made me think deeper. I searched myself because I know that, for me, praying is not just something I do. It's more. Pray-er is who I am. I am one of those who, right from when I was young, would always run away from a fight. Yep, I no fit fight o! But in the place of prayer, I am strong in the Lord and in the Power of His might.  I am a warrior! This is why I pray. To feel unstoppable and invincible! 

There are days when I don't pray or pray on the go. Nothing wrong in that and in fact I tend to talk to God all through my day and have found ways of building prayer into almost any mundane task I am handling. I believe that is what it means to pray without ceasing. However, I know that it is important to have those times when you just stay with God, in His presence, in His word. When I do that. My oh my, nothing fazes me that day. I know that come what may, I have gained power to deal with it at the feet of my King. This is why I pray. To build my confidence.

I still deal with fear. I know. Not the best but I am a WIP and so I am always quoting that scripture . Yes, that one: God has not given me a spirit of fear. I have a spirit of power, of love and a sound mind. But quoting that scripture becomes even more potent when I have spent quality time talking to my PapaGod and basked in His love for me. Then the ride to work and all the crazy danfo drivers does not unnerve me. I am cool, calm and collected all day long. This is why I pray. To still my nerves.

How else can one remain hopeful in this world? I don't know what others do but I need to connect with the One I know is in control of it all. I have to go to him and share my fears with Him and get assurance from His Word. It is in that place that He who is my Hope calms me down and restores my hope in my tomorrow. Yes, this is why I pray. To keep my hope alive!

It's nice when people say they want to be like me when the grow up. But honestly, I advice that you not want that. Want more. Want to be like Jesus Christ because me? My mission in this life is to steal His identity *smiling*. We all know that Jesus Christ prayed all the time and this is one more reason why I pray. To be like my Saviour.

I pray to be a good example to my children. I tell them how important prayer is and how powerful it makes them. I teach them that nothing is impossible to s/he who prays to the God of the Impossible. I encourage them to always put God first  in their lives. That if they make Him a priority, He will always be there for them. So, finally this is why I pray my dear Favoured Woman. I pray to live my creed in the eyes of my children.

So tell me, why do you pray?


  1. I pray because I can not but pray. I pray because I am His Beloved. Lovers talk with each other. I need to commune with the Lover of my soul. I pray because.....

    1. That's right.....We pray because...we pray....Always love it when you come visiting...

  2. I pray because I'm persuaded He is the one with the answers, sometimes I pray because I'm desperate still He lets me know the fullness of Joy in His presence. I pray because... there's no other way

    1. There is just no other way o Arese......It's all I have....Prayer is my Power. Thank you so much for coming round. I appreciate it.

  3. I pray because its the only way i can talk to the one i hold higher than any other. I pray because thats my weapon. I pray because without talking to God and having Him in my life i would be nothing. I pray because that's where i get my data, instructions and everything else from. I pray because its the best thing i can do for myself.

    1. I like that 'that's where I get my data'.......
      Thanks for coming by Lifetitude Blog!

  4. I pray because that is where i find peace.
    I talk to Him in tears or in joy and he just stills my soul and wraps me up with His arms from the inside out.
    I pray because I cannot but pray...

    1. Yes, true peace is only in His Presence. I agree praying is a way of life for anyone in a relationship with Christ. It's the way we communicate with Him. Thank you so much for visiting!


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