Saturday, 22 November 2014

Salt Loves Ms. Unlikely by Remi Roy.

Ms. Unlikely.

At first I thought 'What an odd yet cute title'.  I must tell you I was intrigued and could not wait to find out who this Ms. Unlikely was and why she was, well, unlikely.  So I started reading Remi Roy's debut book and instantly fell in love with Rekiya Atiba aka Ms. Unlikely. I fell in love because the more I read the more she reminded me of my twenty-something year old self. Smart but unsure of myself. Confident but afraid of the unknowns. Full of potential but hesitant to step out of my comfort zone to the 'greater'that beckoned. This was how I was then and this, in a nutshell is how Reki is when you meet her.
Don't you just love the cover already?                                      

I may be wrong but many young ladies  are consumed by the same issues you will see Reki dealing with in this novella.  What am I here for? Will I find my path? Will I get a good job? Be good at the job? Will I find true love? Will true love find me? Why are my friends moving on higher leaving me behind? Why is my family meddling in my life? Will I ever amount to anything? And on and on the questions go. Do you remember dealing with such thoughts? I bet you do. You see, this is why this book, Ms. Unlikely, will grab your attention.  I believe many of us will be able to relate to Reki's journey and understand the life issues she is facing. 

I loved being able to 'go along with Reki' on her outings as the environment Remi placed her in felt familiar. I loved listening to the young, fresh  conversations Reki had with her friends through which you learn the importance of having good friends who love you enough to tell you hard truths.  I especially enjoyed how the relationship between Reki and  Debo developed even though at some point when it was dragging in that platonic stage I wanted to shout: People of God, hook up already! They didn't listen to me though. Lol! 

You will enjoy this book. I could share more but I'd rather you find out by yourself. Remi Roy has written a story that will tug at your heartstrings. If you are like me, you will find yourself laughing with Reki when she's happy, whispering words of encouragement to her when she's sad and praying hard for her as she tries to make her way through the 'maze of life' I see Ms. Unlikely as a coming of age story and I had a smile on my face as I read the last lines because Remi, through this novella, just reconfirmed that God has a good plan for each of us.  No matter how unlikely that may seem to us right now.

Thank you Remi! I feel honored that you gave me a sneak peek into your heart and I brag on God for giving you the grace to unleash your voice in this new way. 

People head over to the book's pre-release page  now and register to get updates on all things Ms. Unlikely!  This is one great book to buy and the perfect Christmas present to get for book-loving family and friends


  1. Thank you Salt!

    To have you get Reki so deeply just makes me know that writing this book was what I had to do. Like you, I have lived life through Reki's eyes and I hope many ladies out there will draw encouragement from her. As I have drawn from you too.

    Thanks, many times over!

    1. I cannot wait for the book to come out. The pleasure was all mine. The glory is all for God.
      Congratulations again!!

  2. My visit visit - love the blog; content et la.

    1. Thank you Adeola! *ringing the Salt Bell of
      Blessing' for you


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