Saturday, 15 November 2014

My 11 Year Old 'MGM' in the Making

'Are you crying?

If I had a dollar for every time my LBS (last born son) has asked me this since my Papa, my Prof passed, I would have at least $150 today. All my children are very tuned in to me emotionally.  But my LBS's concern for my well being is on another level totally. For a boy who just turned 11 yesterday he is truly one compassionate man in the making. The only other man alive that is the same in my life is my MGM. Hence my blog title. 

                                                              Two days old

I will never have enough words to thank God for giving me this child and sustaining his life these past 10 years. Parenting is such a huge privilege and I truly wonder sometimes how God considered me fit for such a purpose especially knowing the precious treasures He was going to entrust to my care! But He did and I am grateful. Happy Birthday my dear LBS! Your Papa and I, your older brother and sister love you dearly. You are 11 now so I shall refrain from being my usual mushy mommy. Lol!

                              5 years old

I will however put down here for record purposes that I will never forget how you, all by yourself, held me together that morning when the news of Granpa's passing hit me like a ton of bricks. We were all alone in the house. Daddy had travelled. Ms. Blessing was running errands.  I crumbled. You, 10 year old you, took me in your arms held  and comforted me until my sobs subsided a little. Then you pushed my shoulders back, looked me in the eyes, your eyes wide open and said 'Mommy, mommy, don't cry. Ok? It's Ok. Grandpa is Ok. No, No, stop crying'. I remember your exact words because I had to hold on to something to keep me from remaining a pile of crushed humanity at the time. I believe this is why you remain so 'protective' of me till today. Now, I think back on that morning and smile. What a wonder you are! I am blessed to be your mom! Happy, Happy Birthday to you! 

                                11 year old - mint new year! 

Congratulations on your first debating experience yesterday! That was special! Your papa and I were so proud! See? Nothing you cannot do if you put your mind to it. God bless your teacher Mrs. Akpan for believing in you and not allowing you get away with saying you didn't want to. Lol!  Today, we are going out with some of your friends and I bet you will all have fun! My prayer for you today and always is :

Aniekan, you shall grow up into maturity in the Lord - I pray that you will be built solidly on the foundation of Jesus and grow in God's grace with a conscious sense of His presence. In all your ways, you will be like Jesus Christ.  Aniekan, you will continue to be built up with God's wisdom, favor, truth, love, life, faith, strength, and thankfulness. This way you will not just grow up to be a mighty good man like your Papa. You will be a veritable Man after God's own heart. This my heartfelt prayer for you my dear tubby-tub. Can I still call you that? Lol! 

P.S I doubt there will ever be another human being in the whole wide world that could call me a 'little hippopotamus' and not just get away with it but almost make it sound like a term of endearment.
Nevertheless, that day was the day I knew I had to do something about my weight. Lol! 


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