Thursday, 13 November 2014

You Don't Have To Be 'Popular' To Make a Difference.

I woke up with the word 'impactful' on my mind. Again, it's thanks to Dr. Myles Munroe. I think it's important to highlight that being impactful does not necessarily mean being behind a pulpit, in political power, selling zillions of books, inspiring millions, etc.

The mother nurturing and bringing up well behaved, emotionally stable kids - our future leaders- is impactful. The father modeling true love for the mother of his kids- future spouses - is being impactful. The teacher who is committed to education and sees it as an empowerment tool and not commerce is impactful The taxi driver that refuses to drive one way or on the curb is being impactful. The Blogger with just five followers is impactful if even just one is blessed! And yes, as my SistaAmbassador Unyime said, so is the Housekeeper doing her work diligently and being a blessing to the household she is serving. She too is being impactful.

What am I trying to say? Do you want to change or impact your world? Start with the 'world' in your home, office, church, in the next lane in traffic. To create ripples in a pond, you just need one pebble. Cast yours today. And every tomorrow God gives you. If you do this consistently, I promise, you will change the world. One pebble, one person at a time. Quietly. 

In short, impactful is not equals to popular.

I want to thank Roz, my dear Sista from another mother, another country but same PapaGod. I am not sure I was going to turn this my Facebook post into a blog but she encouraged me to do so. I took it as a 'God whispered command' and it is my prayer that all those God has ordained to read this message and be released from self-imposed pressure would do so and be set free in Jesus Christ's name. Amen! 

As a parting shot, I share two of my prized possessions in this season. I am sure I do not have to say why *smiling*

Not even for a zillion dollars would I give any of these books up!
Especially this one.
My name penned by the inimitable Dr. Myles Munroe!

Rest in peace Dr. & Mrs. Myles Munroe. Rest on! You lived full and you died empty! To God be the glory even as He alone comforts and helps your children and family as they (and indeed all of us) continue the race having taken over the baton from you both! 


  1. Impactful! One person at a time! Every single one of us can do that abi?

  2. Thanks so much for the post. God bless you richly. Dr Myles and his wife Ruth were indeed a priceless gift to us all. May the Lord bless and keep their children and family.

    1. Thank you for coming by Ovine. They really were. Amen and Amen!

  3. I had this ringing in my head one day...
    "You say you want to touch the lives of millions and be used by God and that's all well and good but what about the person right in front of you?"

    I think the message was more for me than for others, and same with this on your blog today.God bless you ma.
    +i should totally get the power and purpose of a woman..

    1. God bless you too Frances! Listen to your heart! And yes, I know you will love that book.


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