Friday, 28 November 2014

Calling All CX Companies, Child-Centric NGOs, Churches, Schools and YOU!

This is a Salt PSA and I am calling on you (on my bended knees) to help take a stand against sexual abuse of the worst kind. Against kids.

Before I make my requests, kindly spare me ten minutes of your time. I need you to watch this video clip. It is is one of the best (in terms of message delivery and clarity)  I've seen on this subject of Child Sexual Abuse. 

What do you think? Don't you agree that every young child should watch this? I showed it to my 11 year old son and from the look on his face all the stuff I had told him before became 'real-er'. He made me promise not to make him watch it ever again. He was that 'horrified'. I made him promise not to ever forget the key messages: No secrets. No one touches you 'there' except your mommy and daddy. Period.  

So, now, what am I calling on you to do for me?

Three things.

1. Please make your young kids/nephews/nieces/grand-kids/class children watch this. 

2. Help figure out how to set up a helpline? Did you notice the helpline shared in the clip? I may be wrong but I doubt one exists in Lagos/Nigeria. We need one. I don't even have clue where to begin making that happen but Governor Fashola does. Uchay, who shared the clip with me sent me this excerpt from a speech he made recently:

'Governor Fashola, who spoke at the Forum and Business Roundtable with the theme, “Children’s Rights & the Business Sector” organized by The Children and Business Network Nigeria at the Wheatbaker Hotel, Ikoyi, particularly urged Communication companies to set up toll free child abuse hotlines pointing out that making reporting easy would help to bridge the gap between society and the government'

Please do you own, work in a Communications (CX) company? Or do you know how we can make a Nigerian Helpline happen? Or maybe you even know of one that exists already that is just not public knowledge. I'm calling out to you! Please use your connections! Make those calls! Please share what you know! 

3. Share this clip  with all our friends with young kids, School owners, Sunday School teachers, and every one and anyone that has anything to do with children. The more aware our kids are the less likely they are to fall prey to these evil predators. 

I guess the number to call for now is 767, the Lagos State Emergency Number? At least, it's a start. Hopefully we can change this soon and my AngelMama, Laila St. Matthew-Daniel has already promised to help me out with a number we can call. She is the angel behind 'Acts Generation' an organisation that caters to the healing of women and at risk kids.  I should get my Sistafriend Betty Abah of CEE-HOPE's thoughts on this too. I know she will have some ideas. 

Oh, by the way, if you can find a 'Naija' or more Africanised video as good as this by all means share with us. For now, Komal's story is all we have got and it is more than enough. 

Please don't read this and shrug it off. Even if all you do is share this message, you would have done well! Remember, being impactful is born of being involved in things like this. The little you do adds up to the much that God sees. Just throwin' that in there *smiling*

God bless you!


  1. I appreciate your commitment to our future leaders. Thanks a great deal.

    1. Thank you so much SEGA for taking the time to come by and leave this comment. I never take it for granted. And thanks for RTing as well. God continue to be the wind beneath your sails.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Tessa! We shall! We must!

  3. I really love this. Let me download and keep for my nieces

    1. Please do Toinlicious! Thank you.


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