Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Marriage, Like Life, is a School You Never Graduate From

Still Standing Strong.
Of a Truth, God is Forever Faithful.
This is the second time ever that I share my thoughts about marriage and what I have learned in the 20 + years I have been in its 'school' on another person's blog. 

The first time was on Myne Whitman's Blog, Romance Meets Life. You can read that here. This time, it is on the blog owned by One Plus The One, a truly lovely woman, inside and out. I sat beside her at the School of Discipleship Vigil a while ago and people, believe me, this woman is a Pray-ER! Pastor B would love her. She is not just beautiful on the outside, she is empowered from within. What was I doing listening to her pray? *smiling*. I was not doing it on purpose o! But when someone is next to you praying God's Word with such fervor, you cannot help noticing. Lol! 

Anyway the link below takes you to my sharing what I have learned thus far, no holds barred on her blog. My intention (as anyone who knows me well should know) is not to brag or show off or 'form' like I know it all. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am a perpetual WIP. So please don't get it twisted. If in doubt, ask my Mgm. He knows me well, well. But one thing I know, through all the ups, downs and dizzying spins of it all, I can tell you in all honesty, that I, Salt am blessed to be Married and Loving it (click to read)

I hope you are blessed as you read. 

Coming Next! Keep Calm and Get Ya Sef II- My 5 Aha Moments @ WCO.


  1. Yes, I have read it on 1+the 1's blog and that's where I first met u. You are a remarkable woman and I trust God to continually keep your home. Your 21 nuggets have been filed for future use
    Thanks so much ma for sharing your life with us so transparently. And yes, your description of Ayo is faultless! You lie not! *smiling*

    1. Wow! That you came by here too just trips me! Thank you! I never take a single visit or comment for granted. God bless you Fehintola and yes, please file them away. I promise, I wish I had some of this wisdom BEFORE I got married....Anyway, we, each have our own lanes but like I always say it's good to learn from own mistakes...way better and way wiser to learn from the mistakes of others! Abi?


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