Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Keep Calm Woman & Get Ya Sef II - My 5 'Aha' WCO Moments.

You now I firmly believe that saying that the 'hand that rocks the cradle rules the world'.  But there is no way we women will rule any world if all we are about is shoe and bag and weave on. You know it and I know it. So why do we still focus on all these stuff so much? OK, maybe you don't but the truth is there are more women out there that do than don't.   Anyway, I did not come here to fight anyone *smiling*. I come in peace. I come to share some of the things I heard at the WCO meeting that made me go 'Hmmmm'. Here they are. I pray they speak to you to. I pray they inspire positive change in you. Like they are in me.

You Look So Lovely! True BUT Is THAT All?

If as a woman (especially as a woman of God), all you look forward too is people telling you 'Oh, you look so lovely' or 'Wow! I love your dress/shoes/hair/profile picture!', then as Pastor Bemigho Omayuku said you 'no get yasef'. People must be able to say MORE about you than 'that'. Because, indeed, as a veritable Daughter of Zion, you are more than just the sum total of all your 'stuff'! 
See, there is nothing wrong in looking good. I like to look good. I make an effort (especially because my Mgm just needs to get up and he looks good! No effort needed and this Ekiti born, Akwa-Ibom by marriage woman shall not carry last o! Ah! I must not! Lol!) Yes, but as much as I want to look good on the outside I am committed to making sure I am even more empowered on the inside. I place a higher premium on the spiritual side of me. You and I know that they shall not be looking at our face and 'klot' to enter heaven. Plus I don't want the same people who told me how nice I looked to sneer at me the moment I walk away: See her, empty headed woman! Just fine for notin! 
Lailai! People should know that, as pretty and dainty as you and I look, should they 'try' us in the things of the Spirit, then they will discover that khaki no be rubber! That our Father is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah!  And that makes me a Lioness! I roar in the place of prayer. Sistamine, if you are not sure that this is you, then it is time to get ya sef o!

Don't Tell Me Your Past is Behind You. Show me.
If your past is truly behind you, you should not be the same person. Don't tell me you have changed and left the past behind when you still look, act and talk the same way you did back then. So how, pray tell, are you any different? Does the Beautiful Butterfly still look like a Crawly Caterpillar? For us to enter into all that God has for us. For us to enter into our new, you must change. Like the caterpillar when it moves into its new. It looks nothing like it used to. You cannot look anything like your past. Maybe you still do and that is why people keep bringing it up? Abi? So what do you think? Do you still look like your past? Then its time to get ya sef please.

You Excuse, You Lose
Any excuse you, as a woman of God (or a man for that matter) make for disobeying God is an excuse for failure. No need to blow too much grammar on this one. You want to succeed? You want riches, honour and long life? Then be humble and fear God. And to have a reverential fear of God means to obey Him. Always. Period. Do you? Yes? No? Sometimes? This is an all or nothing race so please re-align yourself today. It's time to get ya sef!

So You Think You Are Empowered On The Inside?
Well you are not if you lack self-control.  Ouch! Yes, I know. painful but true. A woman of God that is empowered on the inside is a disciplined person. Not given to rash words or 'area boy' demonstrations in the name of 'giving someone a piece of my mind'. We like food but we are not gollies. We like to gist but we are not gossips. We love movies but we know to put God not just first but at  the very center of our lives. So we are tapping into the value of social media but we refuse to let it consume our lives to the detriment of all else. How do we do this? Through Discipline. And the Holy Spirit is our Drill Sargent. Are controlled by God's Spirit or by your flesh? Perhaps its time to get ya sef.  Be a woman who gives 'womanhood' a good name!

For Me, There Is Just Too Much At Stake
I always tell my housekeepers (especially when the kids were much younger) that the house can be burned to the ground when I got back from work AS LONG as I met my children whole and alive. and well. My children and my Mgm are my four reasons for being. Even if by some stretch of the imagination I did not care about myself or where I was heading, I am passionate about seeing my kids and my hubby reach their full potential. True, it does not depend fully on me. But as the Lord lives, I shall play my own part to the fullest. And my dear one reading this, I will not be able to if I don't get my sef as we have shared above. And truth be told, neither will you. 

So will you get ya sef or not?

I pray you will.

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