Sunday, 26 October 2014

Keep Calm And Check Your Routine.

A few weeks back I made up my mind to not check my mailboxes or social media until I had spent quality time with God and His Word.  I noticed that, over time, I had unconsciously let my 'secret life' time with God take second place to my mails, blogs, social media platforms and even my work tasks. I had fallen into what Sarah Bessey calls an 'unthinking routine' that contradicted who I claim to be: A woman who put God first. A woman who valued her relationship with her PapaGod. A woman for whom God, not Social Media, is a Priority. 

My daily habits, especially my early morning routine did not paint a picture of me that I would be happy to share and that had to change. Now, I'm trying to be more 'intentional' about my routine.  I didn't blog about this then but today as I read Sarah's article on the same thing, I knew God wanted me to share with you. Life is short and we really should make each day count especially in things of eternal value. 

Take a look at your daily habits in the past week. What do they tell you about yourself? Your priorities? Your values? Do you, like me, need to make some changes too? No doubt our lives are busy. We have jobs, meetings, deadlines, school runs, bills to pay, books to write, meals to cook, blogs to post, errands to run. But if we are so busy that God only features in one 15 minute slot out of our 24 hour day......

Then maybe we are busier than God intends for us to be.

P.S Do check out Sarah's blog. Only just 'met' her today via her article in todays's 'The High Calling'  daily reflection ( but I'm hooked already. She writes so beautifully. 


  1. "The Salt Chronicles" has been included in our A Sunday Drive for this week. Be assured that we hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.

  2. Oops! That's so timely and I come out as being too guilty. It really is time for change and the change starts NOW!!! Thanks ma

    1. God bless you Fehintola. Yes, we all must change who claim God to be our number 1! We really must.


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